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Everyone has a dream that one day they will do something big in their life. Some works under large companies and some wants to start their own business. Nowadays Taxi booking business is touching sky in world. If you are from Ghana then you should check this page about this taxi booking business.

Uber Taxi App

Launch your Own Taxi App like Uber in Ghana

To start your own business of taxi app service you will need an app. This business is largely growing in Ghana region. So if you want to start your own uber like business then we will help you in providing you perfect uber clone script.

Our company is a taxi app development company in India and we expertise in developing best uber clone script. We have our business in large part of Africa and now we want to help peoples of Ghana to start their own Taxi dispatch system.

  • Customer App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel
Uber Taxi App

Unique features of our Taxi App Script

Our Uber clone script - Apporio Taxi has some of the unique features which are not available in other scripts. We offer source code with our script so if you want to add or remove any feature you can do that easily. Some of the eye catching features of our uber clone app are as follows-

White Labeling

We provide complete labelling of the product to the customer.


Complete re-skinning of the product based on customer demand.

Customization & Localization

Complete customization based on customer's requirement.

Secured & Quality

Source code we deliver is security audited and qualitative.

About our Ghana’s Taxi App

Uber Taxi App

Our Uber clone app- Apporio Taxi is the best in market with latest features and attractive design. We provide our uber clone script for both android and iOS platform. Our uber like app consist of three modules which are Driver,Customer and Admin panel. Our app is completely tested and error free.

There are some key features in our Taxi app Script which are-

  • Location History
  • Notifications
  • Driver and Car details
  • Secure Payment method
  • Attractive Design

Why Apporio Infolabs?

We know that you are investing a lot for your dream business and we always treat your dream as ours. So we always try to deliver best products. We have experts in designing, development who always try to develop perfect products for our customer. We will customize your app like uber according to your requirements. Our Taxi app script is very simple, and easily customizable and responsive.

So if you have any doubts about our products you can check them in play store. And do check our full website if you want to know more about our products.This business is in demand in Ghana, So it is a beautiful opportunity for entrepreneur to start their business. We have ready made uber clone script so if you are waiting to start your business in ghana then just contact us. We are always here to help you.

Apporio Taxi App Screenshots

Unique application design, user friendly ui interface easy to use and understand

Uber Taxi App Screen
Uber Taxi App Screen
Uber Taxi App Screen
Uber Taxi App Screen