Overview - The Uber Clone

"Apporio Taxi" is the readymade taxi booking script which can be customised according to your requirement, need and choice. This Apporio Taxi - The Uber clone is Geo-Location based dispatch software is easy to use application with the most beautiful UI (User Interface) to engage its users. It is a complete solution for entrepreneurs in need of a delivery app. The complete solution consists of a Rider App, Driver App and an Admin Panel (which enables the Admin to monitor complete activities of the Rider and the driver).

Apporio Taxi App

Why Apporio Taxi Dispatch software?

Apporio taxi- The uber clone is designed with our best of the software designer and it is tested many times so as to meet customer needs, it is designed such that to meet all the requirements like fastest interface and processing.

Swift and Style- that is what Apporio Taxi The Uber Clone Script is all about. It is an app that fixes your travel problems by providing cabs, at all places, at all times. With hassle free pickups, you are bound to fall in love with distances. Inexpensive prices gives you the best riding experience as even long trips don’t pinch your pocket much. Easy to use is a feature we are likely to flaunt in this one as customers are always in search of apps that can schedule pickups without wasting much of their time. The app is a classic example of user friendly interface for which our team of professionals went to great lengths in creating wireframes with utmost perfection.

Enhancing the user experience, we have built high fidelity wireframes and used impressive graphics, so that you don’t think twice about placing the app in your favourite list. The studio is currently working on the Android / iOS version to make it as accessible as possible. Stay Tuned!

Driver Allocation to a booking request :

  • A driver can Accept/Reject the request. If he doesn’t do anything in 20 secs. The request gets rejected automatically and it moves to the next nearest driver. If the next driver also rejects the booking, it will move to the 3rd nearest. The request will route up to three drivers maximum. This Driver Allocation logic can be customised very easily according to your requirements
  • Once driver accept a booking request, his screen changes into a map screen which shows the path to Customer’s Pick Up Location
  • Customer App also gets the notification with the details of the Driver and the Vehicle.
  • The customer has the option to cancel the booking until the driver arrives the Pick-Up location.

Driver Arrives-Start Trip and End Trip :

  • As soon as the Driver reaches the customer location, he clicks on the arrive button. The customer can not cancel if the driver arrived. The waiting timer also starts (there is a provision on admin panel to assign waiting charge per minute. this is an optional feature)
  • To start the trip, the driver inputs the Destination location in the app (optional) and click on ‘Start Trip’ button.
  • The driver can check the route to the destination location in the app.
  • On Arrival, driver clicks on ‘End Trip’ Button.
Apporio Taxi Development Services

How Apporio Taxi App Booking Script Dispatch Software Works?

Driver Sign Up :

  • The workflow of the Apporio taxi – Uber Clone (as Dispatch software) starts with Driver making a Sign-Up request. The driver can make a Sign Up request using the Driver App. The driver needs to upload his identification proof and vehicle details to submit a Sign-Up request.
  • Admin receives the Driver Sign Up request on his Admin Dashboard. Admin can approve/disapproves the Sign Up request of the driver.
  • Once approved by Admin, Driver can start getting trip inquiries on his app. The driver has an option go Offline/Online.

Customer Makes Booking Request :

  • The user selects a cab category and Pin the pickup location on Map.
  • He can see available cabs around the pickup location on the Map. It also shows the ETA of the nearest driver to that location.
  • User has option to Book Now and Book Later

Fare Calculation – City wise Base Fare, Distance Traveled, Waiting Time :

  • The calculation of the ‘distance’ and ‘time of travel’ gets calculated between the driver’s start and end trip.
  • Admin can set prices per km, base price, waiting for time charges and other miscellaneous charges. The Fare will be calculated accordingly.

Rating of Customer and Driver :

  • On trip Completion, Both customer and Driver gets an option to Submit rating for the other user.
  • The rating gets average out and shows on the user profile in the app. Therefore the rating for driver remains visible on Admin Panel as well.

Driver App Modules :

  • Driver Sign Up/Login
  • Add Vehicle Details
  • Go Online/Offline
  • Accept/Reject Inquiries
  • Navigation to Customer Location
  • Start trip
  • Navigation to Destination Location
  • End Trip
  • Review Customer
  • Bill Summary
  • My Rides (Ride History)

Customer App Modules :

  • Sign Up/Login
  • Select a Cab Category (Hatchback, Sedan, Luxury)
  • Book Ride Now
  • Book Ride for Later
  • Ride Estimate
  • Estimated Time Arrival of the Driver
  • Make payment
  • Rate the Ride
  • Check Ride History
  • Check Rate Card
  • Contact Support

Driver App Modules :

  • Manage Drivers
  • Approve Driver Sign Up request
  • Enable or Disable a Driver
  • Manage Customers
  • Update Rate Cards
  • Check complete Trip Feed
  • Sort Trips
  • Update Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, other pages

Demo Videos of Apporio Uber Clone Taxi Booking Script & Dispatch Software


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