mPOS Solution (Mobile Point of Sale Solution)

Apporio Mobile POS is an app which can transform any mobile or tablet into a POS system. Its a complete store management solution which can be used for Inventory management, Invoicing, Accounting and CRM.

Moreover, its a cloud based system which maintain database both at server and local device. The database gets automatically sync whenever there is an internet connectivity in the device. It can work both online and offline

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mPOS Inventory Solution

  • Issue Purchase Orders : Apporio mPOS can be used to issue Purchase Orders on your vendors. It will help you to draft a PO and send to your vendors by an email, watsapp or text message.
  • Inventory Management : With Apporio mPOS, you can manage your store inventory very easily. In ‘add inventory’ module, you can easily select items, enter quantity and prices and add them to the inventory. If the inventory had been purchased through the POS, then you just have to select the corresponding PO and confirm it to added into the inventory.
  • Invoicing : This is the core feature of Apporio mPOS. To create invoice you to follow these steps :
  • Select a customer or add new customer
  • Select items and quantity to be added in the invoice
  • Enter special discount
  • Invoice can be exported on pdf and can be printed using a mobile printer

mPOS Inventory Solution Admin

  • CRM : With Apporio mPOS, you can create a database of customers. You can create customer groups and offer differential discounts to the group. The CRM will not let you miss your customer’s birthday and anniversaries.
  • Accounting : Apporio mPOS helps you to create ledgers for your customers and vendors. It automatically manages ledger entries on invoicing and issuing PO.
  • Tax Accounting : mPOS has the provision to update the tax rates. It automatic add taxes to Sales invoice and create a separate ledger for tax.
  • Other Features :
  • Cloud Based
  • Local data backup
  • Works offline/Online
  • Easy Installation
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Apporio Restaurant
Apporio Restaurant
Apporio Restaurant
Apporio Restaurant