Launch Your Own Laundry Mobile App/Uber For Laundry

Get your own laundry mobile app developed from Apporio Laundry App Script by Apporio Infolabs. ‘Apporio Laundry” is a laundry pickup/delivery script, which is an Uber Clone for people to buy laundry app for their own business. it is complete dispatch software for the people who want to buy a delivery app. The Uber for laundry is complete solution consists of a User App,  and an Admin App to manage and monitor the complete activities of app users.

Why laundry software/ Uber for laundry?

Now a day’s people prefer to utilize all the services they require to be in an easy as well as in a simple manner. They also require the services should be timely delivered, quality of the work should be extra ordinary and the way they communicate with the customer during each business process is highly concerned in all over the world. Essential services such as cleaning the lavatory, hospital services and laundry services should get the task in time and finish it as best they can do it. In many countries like Africa, Middle East, they provide common laundry area where the people insert coins to the machine and wash the clothes. In certain countries such as brazil, Spain, and Nigeria , they have the set of people visiting the customer place to pick up the clothes and deliver them after the work is finished.

Place Your New Order

Customers can conveniently place an order by selecting their comfortable pickup time and date; preferred drop-off time; their Address; type of laundry service preferred and a number of clothes and also special instructions, if any, need to be typed in. If you want to, you can also mention the time when we must drop the clothes. There are several On demand laundry apps are widely available for the utilization of public with varied menus according to the user interest of service.

Check Your Order History

Displays details of all the past orders of the customers. View Previous Orders and Re-order option. This is the place where we keep records of all past orders from our customers. For your convenience, we have the View Previous Orders option. Here you can see how many clothes you had given us. Then, you can go to the Re-order section to place a new order.

Order Tracking

Provides a clear idea to the customers about the status of their order. This will help customers to make arrangements to pick up the clothes in case of any sudden outing plans. For this, you have the Order Tracking section. This shows you what the present situation is for your clothes. So, you can change your plans or make plans for the clothes based on the situation you find at the time.

Cashless Payment

Customers no more have to worry about coins, balance due, etc., because they can make the exact payment using their credit/debit card / net banking easily. It supports various types of currency also. You do not have to carry cash or worry about getting the balance. You can make all the payments through credit card/debit card/net banking. It has support for many types of currencies.


Displays the discounts or offers or promo-codes currently valid. Customers can easily view the offers and accordingly place their orders. At this place, you can see the promo-codes you can use while paying. There are discounts given if there are any. You can see them and use them while placing your order.

Price List

The price charged for the different type of clothes and dress materials is clearly listed down. estimation of price. The Price List shows you the price you pay for the services we offer. It varies according to the type of clothes and material of the dress. You see it in the form of a list so you can find your dress with ease.

Rate the wash

Finally, customers can rate your laundry service on a five-star rating scale and communicate how satisfied they are with the laundry service. You can use the Rate the Wash section to tell other users about the way you feel about our service. This is a five-star rating scale and you can give the rating you think we deserve.You will receive revenue reports when you continue to use our app and the monetization methods. You can link the social media to the app and get more online visibility. You can print invoices and make tax calculations. To get the best utility, pick the working days and working hours and mark it. Update your contact details all the time or contact us if you have any doubts.

Apporio Laundry Business Solution with Laundry Software & App

Scope :

  • Android app for Customer
  • iOS app for Customer
  • Back office Dashboard to manage services, pricing, orders and data in the customer app.
Apporio Laundry

How Customer Order – Order Experience :

  • Pick- Up location and time-slot selection from the list of available slots.
  • Drop off location and time-slot selection from the list of available slots.
  • Save locations for re-ordering.
  • Special Instructions if any (For example: ‘Pick bag from my door’)
  • Option to select products from the list (For Example 7-kg Bag, 3 Shirts etc.)
  • Option to select products based on service type (For Example 1 shirt for Dry-clean, 7-kg laundry bag)
  • Estimation of Final Bill
  • Payment Option: For Example- Credit Card, Cash and Internet Banking
  • Apply Coupon: Apply Promotional coupon, if applicable
  • Option to track Order status.
  • View Previous Orders and Re-order option.

Laundry Mobile App Dashboard Experience :

Create Price List :

  • Following pricing options are available. You can use any number of these options.
  • Price List according to cloth type (For example Wash/Dry-clean price for 1 Shirt
  • Price List according to Weight (For example: 6 kg Bag, 7 kg bag etc.)
  • Special Pricing for Service Type (For example : Same day delivery charges)
  • Special Pricing for Processing Type (For example : Pricing based on detergent used)

Order Processing :

  • Notification of a new order
  • Sort Orders according to Pick -Up time and Pick-Up location.
  • View Complete Order Details with Special instructions given by the customer
  • Update Order Status (For example: Picked-UP, Processed, Delivered)
  • Sort Order according to Drop-off time and Drop-location

Other features:

  • Create coupons and discount campaigns
  • Select working days and working hours
  • Print Invoices, Tax Calculations
  • Revenue Reports
  • Linkage of the app with your Social Media
  • Update about us, contact us and Contact details which are visible to the customer in the app.

Important Information :

  • The Laundry Business Solution is fully customisable. It can be customised according to your business needs within few days.
  • You will receive the product labelled with your Brand Name and your Business Logo
  • Free Support and training for any problem.

Best Laundry App Development / Uber for Laundry:-

In many countries like Africa, Middle East, they provide common laundry area where the people insert coins to the machine and wash the clothes. In certain countries such as brazil, Spain, and Nigeria , they have the set of people visiting the customer place to pick up the clothes and deliver them after the work is finished. The Apporio Laundry Software App helps the customers add a comfort item to their life. This app helps you with your laundry. It informs the service providers, Apporio Laundry Business Solution about your need for the laundry. We take care of all the rest. This app is available on both the Android and the iOS versions. There are many hotels and small organizations make use of the mobile applications such as .Laundrapp Clone, washio app clone, and Uber. Using this you can place orders, track orders, make plans, and recall old orders. The Dashboard also shows you the pricing so you do not wonder how much you have to pay. You can check the data stored in the Customer Back Office to see how you have done so far.

Demo Videos of Laundry Mobile App & Laundry Software


Apporio Laundry
Apporio Laundry
Apporio Laundry

Why Apporio Laundry App?

Apporio infolabs is a leading mobile app development company that focuses on new generation technology platforms. Our services are spread all over the world and has more than 30 plus skilled developers who have developed many clone apps. Now we develop laundry management software, an online laundry and dry clearning app for sale. we correctly understand customers' problems and requirements then develop the solution so that your business goals are achieved and make sure that app is completely secure for your business. As a business, owner if you want an app for laundry business app or buy laundry script then what are you waiting for? just visit our website or contact us and ask for demo.