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Taxi App Development Services

Consumer behavior in taxi industry is changing nowadays. Consumers prefer to book cabs using their mobile phones. Future of traditional taxi business is fading. Online taxi-booking startups worldwide have got huge success. In today's world almost 90% of the cab services running in the city traffic are booked using mobile apps. Cab companies similar to Uber, Ola, Lyft, Grab & Careem interconnects passengers and drivers for a hassle free and easy trip from source to destination. Thus, making the customers and drivers easy to hail a cab.

Launch Your Own Taxi App with Apporio

Fast forward to today, the app-based taxi booking industry has become very competitive and advanced. Thanks to major advancements in the mobile technology, apps are able to handle and run major functionalities within the mobile ecosystem. Various companies started providing similar services to the citizens of their own countries. Companies like Careem, Grab, Lyft & Didi Chuxing have apps like Uber. Their business model is also somewhat matches to Uber’s. But these companies have not scaled their business to more than one or two countries and this opens up multiple opportunities for new taxi Booking Startups to get establish their own App & Brand.

Entrepreneurs looking to establish their own taxi booking brand have two options. Either they develop and deploy their own taxi app which not only require expertise in Taxi app development, but also require money, time, and other resources which are not easily available to startups else they buy a readymade taxi app Script. That is why, Apporio has developed a 100% customizable and white labelled Uber like taxi app clone.

Features of Taxi App Clone

  • Quick Development & Timely Deployment

Our taxi app script can be customized according to the needs and requirements of your business. We employ the expert services of professional taxi app developers who use the latest technologies like React Native, Swift, and Flutter. Our Taxi App developers have previously worked on technology similar to Uber using which Apporio developed numbers of taxi apps. Apporio’s Uber clone script includes Admin panel, rider and driver applications. The source code is Security Audited, licenced, scalable, localizable, and has multilingual options.

  • Available for Every Platform

Launch your own taxi app on major mobile platforms like iOS and Android. This guarantees the users of these mobile phones to download and install your brand’s app and use your service. Our Taxi app script goes through multiple testing phases before it is deployed on the App Store or Play Store. We test our clients’ apps to make them as stable and bug free as possible. This immensely increases the business’s ROI. Our Apps are built such that they remain compatible for all screen sizes.

  • Choice of Server Services

Apporio goes one step further in taxi app development process. We not only customize the source code of your application according to your requirements but we also let you choose the server on which your application will run. Choosing your own server allows you to make decisions regarding scalability, hosting period, plans, and much more. Data generated from the app usage will also be readily available to you for taking further business related decisions. Keeping this in mind, we provide complete ownership and copyright transfer to our clients. Clients can also avail the lifetime license from us.

  • Loaded with Advanced features

Our taxi app script is equipped with all the features that a taxi booking application contains and it is also incorporated with features that Uber, Careem, and Lyft provides. From providing free ride coupons to new users to integrating multiple payment options to the service, we assure you that your business will always be one step ahead of its competition. Our API development and integration process is really state-of-the-art and the wireframes designed by our designers will complement your business’s outlook and vision.

We also Provide Apps for

  • Uber Like Taxi App
  • Uber for Laundry
  • Grocery Delivery App
  • Handyman Services Booking App
  • Food Delivery App Script

Benefits of Our Taxi App Script

  • City-wise variable pricing
  • API transfer
  • Earning dashboard
  • Fare management
  • Rider & driver activity monitoring
  • Multiple Payment gateway integration
  • 24x7 Support for maintenance*
  • End to End Support
  • After-sales service

Why Choose Apporio Infolabs?

Apporio Infolabs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified mobile app development company based in Delhi NCR, India (20 km away from International Airport). Our expertise is in providing custom app clones and cyber security services. We proudly count more than 700 clients who are spread in 35+ countries. We have our presence in Africa, US & UK as well.

We, at Apporio, believe in providing the utmost satisfaction to our clients. We always strive to make clients to achieve long term goals so that they return to us when they want to launch their next mobile application. Our taxi app for sale is available at affordable and reasonable prices. Entrepreneurs or startups looking to kickstart their own app-based taxi booking business can buy taxi app from us and boost their brand’s business value instantly. To get informed about our taxi app development cost, get in touch with us using [email protected] or ping us on Skype @apporio.