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Set up your taxi business with a whitelabel Uber clone app solution. Save your time, don’t build an app from scratch. Get our ready-made uber clone solution to save your time and money. Our uber like app comes with separate app panels for users and drivers. It also features an advanced admin panel that can be used by you to keep track of your new online taxi booking business..

Our ready-made uber like app solution is available for both Android and iOS platforms. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of your potential customers.

Fully customizable uber clone solution, you can innovate our ready-made taxi app solution and turn it into a multiservice business. Not just taxi but one can use it to start their unique app base transportation business like trucking app, carpooling app, car rental app, bike taxi app etc.

Apporio Taxi User App

  • Live Geo-tracking

    This feature will help users to check the location of the nearest drivers in real-time. Drivers can also easily track the pickup location of the user.

  • Change/ Cancel Ride

    In case there is a change in plan or the driver denied to come to the pick-up location. With the help of this feature, users can easily change or cancel the ride.

  • Payment Mode Integration​

    Our ready-made is a smart taxi app solution. Users can use its safe and secure online payment option and make cashless payments for their rides.

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  • Reviews & Ratings

    This feature allows customers to share their ride experience. They can rate your service our of 5 stars. Where 5 means complete satisfaction, 1 means least satisfaction.

  • Social Media Login

    To make the process as simple as possible, we have integrated social media login's into our uber clone app. Your customers can use their social media accounts to log in.

  • Contact Driver

    This feature allows your users to contact the drivers after booking the service. Users can contact them in case they are taking longer to reach your location

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Get Our Fully Customizable Uber Clone App And Launch Your Own Taxi Business.

Apporio Taxi Driver App

  • View Earnings

    Our uber clone driver app is integrated with advanced Google maps that help drivers to easily navigate to the pickup (or drop) location of the passenger

  • Map Integration

    The app is integrated with Google maps so that driver can easily navigate to the pickup location of the user. As well as they can easily navigate to the customer's drop locations.

  • Easy Accept Or Reject Request

    When a customer orders a ride through our app. The request will be made visible to all the drivers available near the customer. Depending on their availability they can accept or reject the request with one tap.

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  • Availability Toggle

    To mark their attendance your drivers don't have to come to the office. They can simply turn on the availability toggle from the app and they will start receiving ride requests.

  • Online Verification

    Register new drivers to your taxi business directly from the app. As drivers can submit their documents for verification from the app itself. This helps to make process easy and fast.

  • Automatic Billing

    At the end of each ride, the app will auto-generate the bill. With this feature in your uber clone app, you can create a transparent and more trusted taxi booking platform for your users.

The driver app allows you to offer quick, flexible, and reliable services to all potential customers. Our white labeled uber clone app comes with multiple drive app features. So you can create your own unique taxi booking business.

Want To Launch Your Online Taxi Business? Start Today With Our Ready-Made Uber Clone App

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Admin Panel

City Rate Cards

As the admin panel is made for the business handling, with city rate cards the admin can pick the different service rates for the different cities.

Verify Drivers Online

Drivers can sign-up to your system with the help of the driver app. However, to get verified they have to wait for the approval from the admin.

Manage Cabs

To offer your service, apart from the rate card you’ll also need to list the types of cars that your users can book as their rides. This feature helps you to do so.

Check Trips Feed

Complex tech turned into a simple solution. Our Uber clone app is the globally trusted ready-made app when it comes to on-demand taxi booking app. With its creative UI and advanced features, our uber clone app has helped many entrepreneurs to start their online taxi business. You can be the next successful startup, just come to us, get our uber clone app and start your on-demand business. 

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Set up your taxi business with white label Uber clone app solution. The taxi dispatch software consist of Android and iOS apps for both driver and passenger with admin dashboard for managing the system. Start your cab business like Uber with best Uber clone app form Apporio Infolabs. Our Uber like app development solution can be tweaked with minimal efforts and can be used to develop unique transportation apps like trucking app, carpooling app, car rental app, bike taxi app etc.

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Flow Chart of How Our Uber clone App Works

User-Driver Flowchart of Apporio Taxi
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Yes, our Apporio Taxi (Uber clone script) adapts itself to small, medium and large size taxi companies. It needs least guidance to work on. It is a ready to use software suitable for all kinds of taxi services. To keep the software user friendly and affordable was one of our prime objectives.

Our uber clone Apporio Taxi has multiple revenue generating models. But the primary ways to make money using our uber clone are charging customers for rides and promotional offerings and partnership with third parties.

You just have to contact us after that our sales representatives will provide you the complete details regarding the packages and payment method. Once you are convinced with payment procedures, you will receive an invoice from our team. You can pay using different payment methods as per your convenience.

We value your ideas and business. As a professional company, we first make a gentle agreement and when your project go in development phase we make a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that your ideas and app can be kept private.

As a custom app development company, we have many non-technical clients around the world. We help every non-technical clients throughout their app development process. Our sales team will help you in understanding the complete project and its optimum solution. You can ask any query regarding your app to our support team anytime.

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    Disclaimer: We provide whitelabel clone app solution. Terms such as Uber, Gojek, TaskRabbit are there for easy understanding of our solution. We don’t represent any of these brands.