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We offer a 100% custom and white-label uber clone solution with the help of which you can launch your own taxi booking business in just 7 days.

Uber clone app for starting taxi app development business.
Uber clone app is a replica of Uber app that comes with similar features and functionalities.

What Is An Uber Clone App ?

Uber clone app is a ready-made taxi booking solution that is designed to replicate the functionality of the popular ride-hailing service, Uber. The clone app can be customized to suit the specific needs of a business looking to launch a similar service.

A typical Uber app clone includes features such as GPS-enabled navigation, real-time tracking, in-app payments, and driver ratings. The app also includes an admin panel that allows the business to manage and monitor the service, such as managing drivers and viewing analytics. The app can be built for both iOS and Android platforms and can be integrated with other popular services like Google Maps.

The main benefit of ready-made Uber clone script is that it saves a significant amount of time and money compared to developing a similar app from scratch.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Uber Clone App

Taxi App Development

Development Time

In the business world time plays the most important role. Our ready-made taxi app script can help you get the edge over the market as it minimizes the app development time from several months to just a few days. We can build your Uber-like app in just 72 Hours.

Taxi Booking App Development Company

Increase Your Chance Of Success

Our expert developers have been building uber clone scripts for more than 7 years now. We have helped entrepreneurs from all over the world. With our market tested ready-made taxi dispatch software and years of experience you will increase your chances of success with our uber clone app.

Taxi App Development

Affordability Is What It Offers

Developing an app using the clone script saves a lot of development time and effort. Business studies have found reducing the development time using uber clone script can help to reduce the cost of app development by 50%. To be honest that’s what our prices reflect as well.
Taxi Dispatch Software

Efficient System

Offering quick response to the riders booking request, automatically dispatching taxi’s, separate app panels for user, driver and admin are some of the features that helps us in making our Uber clone app the most efficient taxi dispatch system for taxi startups. Managing an online Uber like business with our ready-made taxi dispatch software is very simple.

Uber Like App Development

Customizable And Scalable

Our ready-made uber clone app is a fully customizable and whitelabel app solution created for young entrepreneurs to start their online taxi business. All the features are customizable to suit your business needs. No matter if you are just starting out or transferring your traditional taxi business on an app platform, our app is ready to help you reach all your potential customers.

Uber Clone App Development

Helps Generating
More Revenue

Launching your own Uber-like app will help you reach all your potential customers. And because people now-a-days more inclined towards the business that offers their services through apps, you get the better opportunity to get recognized and retain your customers. You don’t have to worry about geo-restrictions, as our app can be easily localized according to any country.

Get Our Fully Customizable Uber Clone App And Launch Your Own Taxi Business.

What All You Will Get In Our Uber Clone App?

Launch your uber like app with our uber clone app development service. Built by our expert developers, this ready-made uber clone script can help you save your time and money from building an app from scratch. Our solution features both native iOS and android apps, so you can reach all your potential customers.

User App

Live Geo-tracking

Integrated with the advanced GPS system, the user can track & show the location of driver.

Change/ Cancel Ride

The intuitive UI of our taxi booking app will help your cancel ride in case there is a change of plan or the driver is taking too long to reach.

Payment Mode Integration​

Our ready-made app is a smart solution for taxi business. It features save and secure online payment gateways.​

Reviews & Ratings

This feature allows customers to share their ride experience. They can rate your service our of 5 stars. Where 5 means complete satisfaction, 1 means least satisfaction.

You can offer your customers real time tracking.
Taxi app development offers multiple advantages.

Driver App

View Earnings

Our uber clone driver app is integrated with advanced Google maps that help drivers to easily navigate to the pickup (or drop) location of the passenger.

Map Integration

The app is integrated with Google maps so that drivers can easily navigate to the user's pickup location. Advance map system also helps the user and driver to see the ETA to reach the destination.

Availability Toggle

To mark their attendance your drivers don't have to come to the office. They can simply turn on the availability toggle from the app and they will start receiving ride requests.

Automatic Billing

At the end of each ride, the app will auto-generate the bill. With this feature in your uber clone app, you can create a transparent and more trusted taxi booking platform for your users.

Admin Panel

City Rate Cards

As the admin panel is made for the business handling, with city rate cards the admin can pick the different service rates for the different cities.

Manage Cabs

To offer your service, apart from the rate card you’ll also need to list the types of cars that your users can book as their rides. This feature helps you to do so.

Check Trips Feed

Complex tech turned into a simple solution. Our Uber clone app is the globally trusted ready-made app when it comes to on-demand taxi booking app.

Verify Drivers Online

To start working for you, drivers can submit their documents online directly to the admin. After the approval from admin, the driver will get verified and can start working instantly.

The admin panel of ready-made clone script offers multiple features.
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Why Choose Our
Uber Clone App?

Set up your taxi business with our 100% whitelabel Uber clone app solution. The complete tech solution  consist of Android and iOS apps for both driver and passenger with admin dashboard for managing the system. Start your cab business like Uber with best Uber clone app from Apporio Infolabs. Our Uber clone app development solution can be tweaked with minimal efforts and can be used to develop unique transportation apps like trucking app, carpooling app, car rental app, bike taxi app etc.

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Our Major Features

Taxi Dispatch Software
Native Android App

There are more than 2 billion android phone users around the world. You can reach them all with the help of our native uber clone app build for android phone users. Built using the java and android studio, we have created a feature rich android app for your user/driver.

Taxi Dispatch Software
Pre And Post Sales Support

We care about our clients (young entrepreneurs/small business owners). That’s why we offer end-to-end support. From ideation to development till deployment and beyond our expert project managers will be there to help you in launching your successful uber like app.

Taxi Dispatch Software
Native iOS App

Built using the latest iOS technologies, our uber clone app is available for all your apple phone users. Reach all your potential customers, no matter what smartphone they are using with our ready-made uber clone app.

Taxi Dispatch Software
Licenced Source Code

We know time plays an important role in business. That’s why we have already taken care of the licencing part. You can start your brand or business immediately with the uber clone script written by our experienced developers.

Taxi Dispatch Software
Separate App Panels

To make everything stick together and work effortlessly our uber clone solution comes with separate app panels. One for your user, one for your drivers and an advanced admin panel for you to manage everything from.

Taxi Dispatch Software
Online Driver Verification

In order to expand your online taxi business with our uber clone app, you will have to add more drivers. Don’t worry we have thought of it as well and made online driver verification possible through the admin panel.

Taxi Dispatch Software
Advanced Admin Panel

In order to help you build an efficient online business model. Our expert developers built an advanced admin panel for you. Using it you can keep track of everything related to your taxi business. God's eye is what we call it.

Taxi Dispatch Software
Manual Dispatcher

Admin can take over the automatic taxi dispatch system and assign drivers to users' requests manually. Manual dispatcher comes handy in case when a user is having trouble booking a cab from the app.

What makes us Different from all of the Other Mobile App Developers

Uber Clone Script

Post Deployment
Maintenance Support

Since our main goal is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to start their successful online business journey. We don’t just offer the advantages of a ready-made app that saves your time and money but also offer post development support so that you can keep your business running smoothly.

Uber Like App Development

Set Favorite Driver

Make riding easy & offer a more comfortable mode of transportation to your users. Allow them to mark favorite drivers. This will help your ride booking platform be a more secure & comfortable transportation option for your users.

Uber Clone

Call Masking

Offer simple and direct contacting options to your users & drivers directly from their respective app panels. But ensure to mask their privacy & security by masking the real mobile number of both your users & drivers. Adding this feature into your uber like app will mask the real number with a virtual number.

Add-On Features

Adaption Support
Handicap Accessibility

Be the solution people wanted. With handicap accessibility features you and your drivers will help to change the lives of physically challenged people. And our ready-made uber clone script will help achieve it. So that you can create your own unique brand that actually thinks for its users.

Deliver Free Assist
Gender Based Driver Preference

You know that the change starts with you, be the catalyst, offer the safe way to ride for your female users. Support female drivers to register and accept ride requests from female riders. Start your unique Uber clone app with our ready-made script and support the females around you.

Taxi Booking App Development
Start Ride Without Destination

Sometimes the plans are not clear, in such situations allow your users to start the ride without destination. With these unique features users can decide their drop-off location during their ride. Not just this allows them to change the destination in case they have already set it but now wanted to go somewhere else.

Uber Clone Script
Geo Restrictions

Not just for the sake of your users safety but for your drivers as well. Mark all the crime prone areas and restrict pick-up and drop for those locations using the geo restriction/fencing feature. Add it into your Uber clone app development and launch your own safer and secure ride hailing business.

Uber Clone App
Ride Pass

Want to retain more users to your Uber like app? Introduce the special loyalty based system with the help of our ride pass features. Offer ride discounts on your users next 2-3 rides that they can avail with the ride pass. To make it easy, you can send, and manage ride passes directly from the admin panel.

Uber Clone
Add Multiple Stop Points

Maybe your user is going to a party and before reaching their final destination they need to stop at a winery. You know, just to take a gift to the party. Using this feature will allow users to add multiple stop points before reaching their drop-off location.

Taxi App Development
Set Favorite Driver

Make riding easy and offer a more comfortable mode of transportation to your users. Allow them to mark favorite drivers. This will help your ride booking platform be a more secure and comfortable transportation option for your users.

Taxi App Development
Call Masking

Offer simple and direct contacting options to your users and drivers directly from their respective app panels. But ensure to mask their privacy and security by masking the real mobile number of both your users and drivers. Adding this feature into your uber like app will mask the real number with a virtual number

FREE DEMO so you can try the app before making your final decision

We offer a free live demo of our uber clone app development service and all the other ready-made solutions that we have. You can either download the app from the play store and app store (links are provided below as well). Or simply contact our sales team and schedule your free live demo. During the demo our expert sales executive will show you how the app works and will be ready to answer all your queries.

Payment Gateways We Use

To make payments safe and secure we integrate various payment gateways into your Uber Clone app. Depending on the options available in your country we choose the safest and most secure payment gateway for you.

Apporio Infolabs
How We Ensure Your Success In The Local Market
In order to become the favorite online taxi booking business among your user base, there are two things you need. The first one is the local language support, so that users can easily interact with the app in order to book their rides. The second thing is local currency support so that it will be easy for users to pay for the ride they have availed. Good thing our ready-made uber clone script offers both multilingual and multi-currency support. Now there is nothing to stop you, and with the help of our smart uber clone script you can definitely become the favourite taxi booking app in your country.
Flow Chart of How Our Uber clone App Works
Taxi Booking App Development Company
Try Free Demo Of Our Uber Clone App
What is an uber clone?

Uber clone is a ready-made mobile app solution built to help young taxi startups and small businesses to start or expand their traditional taxi business. A ready-made Uber clone app eliminates the need of building an Uber like app from scratch and helps save time and money.

Where do I get the best uber clone script?

Apporio Infolabs has been building ready-made Uber clone scripts for more than 7 years. Taxi startups all over the world have tried and tested their solution in the real market. Not just is their solution advanced and affordable, but it also takes less than 7 days to get built.

How do I start a ride sharing business?

Uber is the world's most popular ridesharing app, but it's not the only option. You can use apps like Lyft and Gett, and even create your own with a specialized app such as Uber-clone.

How can I create a taxi app?

Step 1: Look for a reliable mobile app development company.

Step 2: Try their ready-made taxi app solution.

Step 3: Tell them your business requirements.

Step 4: Let them make the customization to build your taxi app.

Which is the best taxi app development company?

To find the best taxi app development company make sure to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Ask your friends or family, if they know a reputable app development company.

Step 2: Do a google search to find a company near you.

Step 3: Check their reviews on Clutch or Goodfirms.

Step 4: See if they offer a free demo of their solution, so you can see how their app will work.

What are some mobile app ideas for taxi services?

Uber clone app is an advanced taxi app solution built to help those who want to start their online taxi business. Here are some of the taxi service ideas you can offer using a ready-made Uber clone app:

  1. Private taxi booking service
  2. Carpooling service
  3. Bike taxi
  4. Outstation taxi service
  5. Car on rent

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