Apporio All-In-One App A Multi-Service On-Demand App Solution For Startups

In today's mobile app development industry, clients who are looking for looking to launch their business on the mobile platform has got a very specific demand. After the popularity of on-demand apps such as the uber clone app, now they want a multi-purpose, all-in-one app.They want a single app to offer multiple services to their customers, something like a GoJek clone. An app through which they can offer taxi booking services, online food delivery, grocery delivery, handyman service, and much more. To keep the demand in mind we have created a ready-made solution for all the entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. We have launched our own Apporio All-In-One app that anyone can buy to launch their successful business.

What exactly is the Apporio all-in-one app?

Based on the concepts of one of the most popular on-demand service startup, Apporio all-in-one is exactly what its name suggests, it's a mobile app solution for startups and business owners can use to launch their multiservice startups. From taxi booking to courier delivery, add whatever service you want to offer to your customers and operate all your business through one mobile app solution.

What all the services you can launch with Apporio all-in-one?

Save time and learn to do the business more efficiently, launch more than 52 business based on three main industry with a simple mobile app solution.

1. Transport Service:

Including the most popular kind of on-demand business, by including this service you can launch your own taxi booking service. User (your potential customers) can book a bike, scooter, or taxi ride easily. Work similar to the other taxi booking apps available in the market, if you are looking for starting your own taxi booking business but confused, maybe Apporio all-in-one is the right solution as you can offer more than just taxi service with our gojek clone app. Also Read: Mobile Application Ideas That Are On Rise During The Locdown

2. Delivery Service:

The second industry that can offer its service through gojek like app is the delivery service. From food to courier and even the alcohol in the current scenario, anything that is needed to be sent from one destination to another destination can be sent through our Apporio all-in-one app. Food delivery, flower delivery, and medicine delivery are just a few examples.

3. Service Providers:

Apps that offer on-demand services such as a plumbing app, doctor app, or a car mechanic app are very popular among people. With Apporio all-in-one app you can also add any service that you wanted to offer to increase the scope of your business and the success of your app.

What we have added to make it special?

Uniquibility and ease of access are two of the most important factors any app requires to become popular among its potential customer base. We have paid special attention to make this task of becoming popular among your customers easy and added various unique and advanced features. Some of them are as follow:

One-touch login

To make it super simple for your customers to use your service we have included the one-touch login. This way they don't have to type in their password and email every time they want to use your service. One-touch and they are ready to use your service.

Intuitive design

By deciding to offer an option to offer multiple services, we have to make sure things don't get complex. That's why our team has spent many hours coming up with an intuitive but creative design that makes it easy for users to reach, understand and use all the features you are offering though apporio all-in-one app. Also Read: How To Grow Your Grocery Delivery Business Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

In-App Notification

Use it as a service reminder or to interact with your customers to tell them about the new features you have added. By using in-app notification you can even share new and exciting promotional offers with your users. To manage this notification we have included an advanced admin panel in our gojek like app.

Reviews and ratings

To understand better what your users like and what they don't like. Through the review and rating along with the advanced analytic reports from the admin panel, you can learn the better ways to do your business. And understand what service customers want and what they don't want.