7 Best Ride Sharing Apps You Should Check Before Starting Your Own Taxi Business

Cars that we drive our unprecedented harm to our environment. Not just in Delhi or in India but all over the world the problem of pollution has become the topic of discussion in every city and every country.

And not just the degrading environment, but these cars on the road are also causing noise pollution and endless traffic jams. You might reach late at work every day (I do) just because of these traffic jams. Luckily there are ride-sharing apps that are there to help us from our misery and strong words from your boss.

Not just you'll be able to do your part in saving the environment by booking a cab or carpooling to work. You'll also be able to take help to take away one car from the road by choosing carpool or any other ride-sharing option and there are a lot of options available.So without any further ado, here we have created a list of 7 best ride-sharing apps that can should check before starting your own ride-sharing business to get some unique ideas. This list is consists of both online taxi booking apps and best carpooling apps.

1. Uber

No second thoughts, many of you are already using it and when it comes to online ride-sharing app, Uber is the first name that comes into the mind. It is reliable, popular and offers its service 24/7. With more than 7 million drivers and active operations in more than 633 cities all around the world, which makes it super simple to access their service. Build on the on-demand business model, the Uber ridesharing app offers all the modern features and allows users to cab with just a few taps on their smartphones. There are many other ride-sharing startups based on the same model using uber clone apps.

Some main features

  • Advanced UI
  • Share ride details with family
  • Split fare
  • Carpool
  • Multi-payment and much more

Riding options available

  • Uber X
  • Uber Black
  • Uber Pool
  • Uber XL
  • Uber SUV

2. Bla-Bla car

Available in 22 countries, Bla-Bla car is a long-distance carpooling option (accessible in India). Though, it is quite popular among office goers as well. The company is helping to save the carbon emission that is polluting our environment. In 2018 the company was able to save 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 emission. This shows the popularity of its network and makes it another good option for your business. Not just you'll be able to reach the office on time or but carpooling with Bla-Bla car will also help you meet new people. All you have to do find the ride, booking online through their app and ride together.

Some main features

  • Share ride
  • Find ride
  • Easy payment
  • Simple process

Riding options available

  • Bla-Bla carpooling
  • Bla-Bla bus

3. Ola

Available in Indian and UK, Ola is another ride-sharing app that can help you save time, money and environment. It is an online taxi-booking app, which also offers carpool service. Customers can either book a private cab or select the new and popular carpooling option (which is quite affordable when compared to booking a private cab).If you are looking for an easy and fast way to reach your office, Ola can become your everyday partner. Simply enter the destination, select the ride and enjoy your commute. Their app is simple but comes with all the modern features.

Some main features

  • Multi-payment
  • Multi-language
  • Affordable
  • Easy to book

Riding options available

  • Yellow taxi
  • Minicab
  • Carpool
  • Luxury
  • Sedan
  • Suv
  • Auto-Rikshaw
  • Bike

4. Lyft

The second-largest ride-sharing service in the US, Lyft is an affordable option for those who are looking for online taxi-booking apps. The best part about Lyft is its background check process and zero-tolerance to drug and alcohol policy. They are best when it comes to passenger safety.However, they are not available in India. But you can still access their service through Ola. It is cheaper than many other ride-sharing apps in India.

Some main features

  • Detailed driver background check
  • Zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy
  • An advanced app like uber

Riding options available

  • Shared ride
  • Lyft basic
  • Lyft lux (luxury)
  • Lyft XL
  • Lyft black/XL black
  • Scooter

5. Shuttl

The perfect alternative to your daily office commute, Shuttl is a fairly new ride-sharing app. Users can book their seats in their shuttl busses through their mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The company also offers 3 free rides for the first time users. Simply choose the pick-up and drop point from the shuttle route. Their customers can also suggest the new drop and pick-up points for better accessibility.

Some main features

  • Easy reschedule your ride
  • Monthly/Weekly pass for more affordability
  • Safe ride
  • Share ride details
  • SOS button

Riding options

  • Shuttl buss

6. Trees for Cars

Designed by a homeless man named Leo Grand, Trees for Cars is a special approach towards the rideshare apps. Just like all the other great apps it also does the job of connecting drivers to the passengers exceptionally well. And the fact that it is developed by Leo using the coding skills he has learned from a free coding course.This ride-sharing app does good job of reducing CO2 emission and offers you an easy and simple way to commute in the city. However, the application is not yet available in India.

Some main features

  • Passengers can select the driver
  • Easy connectivity
  • A new approach towards the clean environment

Riding options

  • Carpool
  • Private cabs

7. Grab – Transport

Last but not the least, available only in Southeast Asia, Garb is another popular ride sharing app in the business. No, people in India can't access their service, but they are considered as the strong competitor of Uber. The main reason is the active drivers, you'll get connected to the nearest driver faster than any other app. Apart from the private cabs, Grab also allows it, users, to carpool to save money, time and carbon emission.

Some main features

  • Find the nearest cab at the lowest price
  • Opt for bike taxi to save more money
  • Extra features for physically challenged and elder people
  • Simple UI that makes taxi booking process simpler

Riding options

  • Private cabs
  • Carpool option
  • SUV cabs

Some great facts about ride-sharing business

These ride-sharing apps work on on-demand business model that allows starting a new business easily. US and China are the two most popular countries for ride-sharing apps. There are mobile app developers such as Apporio Infolabs created, ready-made solution for the uber-like apps for taxi business. There on-demand solution for taxi-booking business in advance and offers intuitive UI that made easy to access all the features. So if you want to ditch the traffic jam and save some money you should start using these rideshare apps. Leave your car at home and start carpooling.