Building Your Uber Clone App? Make Sure To Follow These Points

The booking process of using the Uber app is convenient. Not only does it allow users to book taxi rides in the simplest way, but it's also available for all age groups.

An Uber clone app allows customers to find taxi rides easily and helps taxi owners get the most out of their business

Customers should be allowed to use any type of vehicle for traveling. They can book a ride anytime at the click of a button.

When you decide to build a Uber clone app, you need to research how to provide a simple and straightforward way for customers to find the appropriate service they are looking for easily.

1. Research

Building and launching your own app is a great idea. All that is left to do is come up with a way to set it apart from the competition.

Gather information about the competitor's app design and how it is funneling customers into its own site. You may find some weaknesses there, and sticklers for quality would want to deal with them.

In order to find the problem and implement a solution in your taxi booking app, it's important to look at every single detail of your and the competitor's business. This will help you understand what exactly can be improved and how your service can be improved while still keeping that great user experience in mind.

By researching on competitors, you are able to have fresh ideas on the best way to represent your own Uber clone app.

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2. Examining User’s Scenario

In each of your user scenarios, consider the user's experience with your said app and think about ways to improve.

You can use the following two ways to find out about what users thinks and want from your app:

  • What are the competitor’s app reviews, and what do they say about their product?
  • Interviewing people of different age groups

Customer reviews help us to understand how our app is meeting their needs.

3. Customer’s Pain Points

To find the customer's pain points and give a good solution, you will need to find out their needs and concerns.

We took the necessary time and effort to do deep research and finally found out the major problems faced by your customers. These matters are worth being highlighted and definitely addressed.

Such as:

I. Different prices from what user booked their ride

What customers can do with Pick-Up Points is select them, choose the ride they want to travel with, and add a payment method and the estimated price. Seeing that the estimated price seems fair, they book their rides.

When customers reach their destination, they notice the total price is higher than what app has shown at the time of booking. This causes disappointment and makes customers never return.

II. No support to local language

If the users are natives, they feel disconnected and struggle to use the app when everything is written in just English.

III. Not having secure payment gateways installed

The use of online methods for payments causes some people to feel nervous.

IV. Confusing UI which makes it difficult to book a ride

If the business doesn't provide an intuitive UI to book rides and confusingly shows different options, then it could lose customers.

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4. Solutions

Here are the solutions to problems mentioned above.

Problem 1: Different prices from what user booked their ride


Transparency is a virtue for any business. Ensure the price calculations are done accurately based on the number of kilometers traveled and the time it takes to complete your ride.

Problem 2: The App not being understandable to the local language


Choose multi-language and multi-currency in your app to accommodate the needs of your travelers and tourists - which is also beneficial for you as a business.

Problem 3: Not having secure payment gateways installed


Ensure your Uber clone app is compliant with the SCA rules. You may be ntegrating a payment gateway that complies with the PSA2 standards.

Stripe has made it easier for online marketplaces, on-demand platforms, and other eCommerce stores to integrate their payment gateway.

Problem 4: Confusing UI which makes it difficult to book a ride


Invest in the design of your Uber clone app, so that users can easily book and cancel ride requests. If you develop your app using Flutter, you'll be able to create a beautiful and colorful layout.

5. Develop your Taxi Booking App

You can use a ready-made Uber clone script if you want to develop your taxi booking app faster and with less budget.

With the process of developing Uber clone app taking just 6 - 8 months. The cost is also much lower compared to developing a website from scratch.