Top Emerging Technologies For The Upcoming Year 2023

Businesses including Uber, Zoom, Airbnb, Netflix, and others have all proven that their core focus is on the mobile strategy. This has won their audiences' hearts and will no doubt gain them more success in the future.

There are an estimated 5 billion apps for mobile devices and this number continues to grow. Despite the bigger amount, it doesn't have to worry about smaller businesses as long as they have a presence on the mobile app store.

Having a mobile strategy in your business will allow you to keep up with changes in consumer behavior while offering convenient product delivery.

A mobile mindset is how you view your business in relation to mobile apps. Do you try to focus on them and attract customers who use them? Or do you implement new facets of your business that are not necessarily mobile-related? Most businesses choose the former because it leaves a good impression on customers.

When your brand has a well-built mobile application, you can increase engagement with customers and grow loyalty. Your business would have the opportunity to generate:

  • more leads, and sales
  • build business visibility
  • enhance the customer experience it provides.

You can help get your app recognized by using modern technology in a way that'll catch the eye of your target audience. Planning a unique selling point is necessary to do so.

In this article, we will talk about top emerging technologies for mobile apps. We will also discuss some of the best practices to attract, convert, and retain your users. Without further ado let's get started!

Artificial Intelligence

Talking about emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence comes at the top. It has been around for a while but it is still pretty new. A.I. is becoming the go-to technology for many companies - even giving us insights into how much investment it is bringing in right now.

It is becoming more common for apps to use AI in order to improve their experience. Apps can collect data on users and make important decisions based on the information they provide.

Artificial intelligence technology can be used to improve the recommendations, reasoning, and security of your app.

Applications incorporating AI will be able to offer personalized experiences, predict customer behavior and show them more relevant ads. They'll increase engagement, grow sales, and do so much more.

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Progressive Web Apps

PWA is one of the newest emerging technologies. It is growing on account of its ability to offer businesses stellar efficiency and incredibly cost-effective products. It is old technology in comparison to other mobile app types. However, it has seen standout results with many companies opting for this new standard for their business.

The use of websites built using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS apps is becoming a new trend. There are many great examples including Starbucks, Uber, Twitter Lite, Expedia, QR Code Scanner, and Hulu.

Starbucks is easily one of the leaders in utilizing PWA capabilities across all platforms. The brand has an app that users love, with a personalized experience that is rivaled by a few other brands and they even offer it as a PWA.

It is fast, lets you pay via phone, and also works offline. It is 99.4% smaller than Starbucks' iOS native app.

Bots and IoT

The chatbot market is growing rapidly, and it's predicted to be worth $1.25 billion by 2025. The increase in global spending on Chatbots is also huge - they will reach 140 billion this year!

Artificial intelligence has become more popular at work. With everything from translators to machine learning and natural language processing. This is one of the fastest emerging technologies that helps you grow your business in surprising ways.

Communication with chatbots is becoming easier over the years using technologies. Voice and facial recognition, semantic search, and sentiment analysis are some of the use cases of this technology.

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Mobile shopping has increased exponentially since COVID-19, and we expect that to continue into the future. It has also changed the way in which individuals shop, specifically by giving people more time. Mobile is perfectly positioned to grow your business revenue, as everyone spends more time online.

The global Mobile Payments market is expected to reach $12 trillion by 2027 via reports.

Today, more and more people are buying products on their phones. Mobile commerce has become one of the top emerging technologies and it is also growing at an alarming rate. There are ready-made mobile app builders for eCommerce businesses that make building an app simple and affordable. Using them anyone can convert their e-commerce websites into mobile apps. The simple process of these mobile app builders eliminates the need of hiring a development company.


Blockchain technology started gaining traction in 2017 and has been shown to provide benefits. From the ability to remove intermediaries in transactions to not being dependent on certain regions. More businesses are betting on this revolutionary technology.

As the internet is entering into the third generation that is supported by blockchain-like de-centralized systems.

Wrapping Up

Mobile application companies are becoming more popular today, which is a confirmation of how large the industry is. They demonstrate how broad the market has become, too.

If you're an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to enter this booming field. Then you should know about these trends. You can always reach out to our professional developers for help when needed.