Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your Own Gojek Super App

As you know, the trend in super apps has been going on for a while and the Gojek Super app is the most popular name among all. With the help of this ready-made mobile app development solution, you can offer different types of services all under one name, which makes it perfect for dominating the industry.

People are shifting their focus to the multiple services solution. Services such as on-demand grocery delivery, medicine delivery, and taxi-hailing are much sought after. These require an effortless application where you can order food with a tap of your finger, book a cab for yourself or order medicines for someone else in need.

How a super app like Gojek earns money?

Businesses are investing in mobile applications more and more. The business model involving an on-demand super app is starting to cover an array of services like lifestyle, enjoyment, and financial needs.

By investing in Super app development, a successful app like Gojek can earn a significant amount of revenue each year. It might use some strategies that are illustrated below.

1. Fees from the customer

The Gojek Super app is a convenient way for customers to get what they want without having to visit multiple apps. All they need to do is a few taps and the products will be delivered to you in no time. That's not all, they also accept cashless payments as well. There is a small fee for each order placed on the app.

2. Delivery commission to super apps

There are drivers available for the delivery of your products. With each order, drivers can earn a small commission from you. The super app Gojek is an example of a service where this potentially makes money for both parties involved.

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3. Commission for business

With an increase in sales, the super applications business can earn a commission. They receive commissions on each order at the online site. The ability to meet a customer's needs and requirements is a part of this platform.

When it comes to income, these are the sources available for Gojek. There are many ways in which an individual can make money using Gojek but an increase in earnings is also possible.

Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your Own Gojek Super App

To start your successful super app development, you should follow these easy steps:

1. Select the right platform

For your super app to be successful there are three main options: native apps, cross-platform apps, and web apps. The Super Mobile App Development is compatible with both the Android and the iPhone, and reaching the desired audience is possible for those users.

2. List of the amazing features

If you want to create an app like Gojek, then you should have a list of amazing features. Social integration, GPS, and multi-language support can be included. You may also have the scheduling feature with the multiple on-demand services.

They can get push notifications through the super application and there is also an integration with a payment gateway vital for building this type of app.

3. Technology stack with the application

For the diversity of features, it's really important to have a technology stack. Keeping this in mind and app building process becomes easier to you. The more varied the functions, the better utilization of performance will be. It is necessary because it provides multifunctional access that most people would want.

4. Design and development

Once you have set goals for Gojek Super app, then you can focus on the design and development. The right wireframe is essential as it's the skeleton of your mobile application. The starting point should always be with the actual backend code to have a better understanding of how your app works.

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5. Testing of the platform

If you want your Gojek Super app to launch with no bugs, it needs to go through some rigorous testing. Testing the application will make sure it is bug-free for the users by getting real-time feedback from the live population of your app.

You can make use of beta testing for the performance of your tests. You can provide feedback on the application and fix any bugs before you release it to offer users a better user experience.


To make the process of on-demand Super app development easy, you can invest in the ready-made Gojek Super app. This ready-made app script consists of everything that a multi-service app needs to have. One can offer more than 52 different on-demand services using a single app. From taxi to grocery delivery, options are extensive. If you want to launch your own Gojek super app, get the free live demo of our Gojek clone app.