How To Grow Your Grocery Delivery Business Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Stuck at home due to coronavirus outbreak, these are certainly the hardest time. Businesses are shut, only a few government authorities and essential service providers such as medical suppliers and grocery delivery businesses are allowed to work.This is a good opportunity for those who are running their grocery business. With the help of a mobile app solution, you can reach your potential customers at their homes. They will love your service, even more, when you offer them the option of contactless delivery.You can change the traditional way of ordering groceries, you can buy our on-demand grocery delivery app to grow your business and create your online presence.

How does the app works?

Built with all the modern features, and a creative design that supports better functionality, our grocery delivery app solution for entrepreneurs and enterprise is very simple to use.

  1. Firstly, the user logs in to the app.
  2. Once they create an account, all the list of nearby stores (or the list of available items will be made available).
  3. They can either select the store or select the item they want (to put it into the virtual cart).
  4. Once you select all the items they want and put them into the cart, they can simply proceed to checkout.
  5. Add the address for delivery, and pick the timeslot when you want your items to get delivered.
  6. Proceed to the payment page, select COD or online payment options, to pay for the items in your cart and that's it.

Also Read: Mobile Application Ideas That Are On Rise During The LocdownEveryone loves door-step delivery, especially in this lockdown being able to get the essentials delivered to the doorstep is a luxury and you can become the favorite grocery delivery provider by offering them the mode to order food online. You can even take it up a notch, knowing that this pandemic is contagious and can spread from human-to-human contact. Showing your customers that you care by adopting the contactless delivery options.

But what is contactless delivery and how to achieve it?

Apart from following the strict hygiene measures and making sure you deliver the clean and un-contaminated grocery to your customers, you can include the contactless means of delivery into your service. In this, the delivery person will make the delivery on a predetermined time, he will put the deliveries outside your customer’s house or any other location. We will take the picture of the delivery so that the customers can be notified of the pickup. With this method, your customers don't have to come in contact with anyone from the outside and your business won't just help to limit the spread but also show that you care for your customers.Also Read: How To Chose The Right Mobile App Development Company


We have the solution ready, so if you are thinking about starting your own grocery delivery business, now is the right time. Launch your own grocery delivery app with the help of Apporio Infolabs and become the owner of a successful business that can operate even in the lockdown.