A Simple Guide On How To Run A Facebook Ad To Get The Best Results

Starting a new business is never easy, things get particularly hard if you don't what exactly what to do next. Following the on-demand business you might have started your own taxi business like Uber (if not check our products) but finding the success is still what you are looking for. The reason you are looking for that success is that you missed the one important aspect of successfully starting a new business or brand. And that's marketing, now in today's world of advance technology, even marketing has become simple. The only catch is that you know how to do it. Social media marketing is the best approach you can use to promote your business. Even just a Facebook ad campaign is enough to get the results your business is lacking. So without further ado, here are the 4 best tricks on how to run a Facebook ad campaign for 7 days with 100$.

1. Compelling images are the key

Imagination is the most powerful tool that a business can use to lure its customers in trying something new and compelling. And of course, it is the one aspect that people will remember for a long time, it is the first thing users see. To grab their attention and to run a successful Facebook ad or any other digital ad campaign. You can always use the images from the free stock photos but they lack the connection and 2appeal that you need to connect with your customers. That's why the lowest-performing ads are the ones with the stock photos. So instead of going with the free stock photo, pick something unique that resembles your business and thoughts you are trying to convey through that particular post. A photo tells a hundred words, try to choose your words carefully.Also Read: Things You Need To Know About On-Demand Apps

2. Headlines are important

Not everyone got time to read the entire caption of your Facebook ad campaign. Drafting a compelling tagline don't usually take much time, but that's not what always happens. Sometimes you might have to put in hours to come up with just one good headline. Don't mind it, there is an easy way to solve this problem. As when it comes to creating a digital ad, asking a question is something that offers more engagement than any other type of headline. A question like, "Looking for an affordable and time-efficient way to reach at work? Try YourBusinessName." Always remember to put a convincing sentence at the end of your question to make things clearer.You can also add an emoji and use hashtags to increase the spread of your ad.

3. Optimize the Audience

To get the best out of any ad to target the right audience. Facebook ads are similar and even easier. To make sure your ad will reach the people who are interested in on-demand taxi service and not to those who follow Uber eats or any other food delivery app, you can use the Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to build your audience. You can create your audience before running the ad online. The size of the audience depends on your budget. To optimize your audience you have to mark down the location you want to run your ad and even select the age group of people, who might be interested in your product or service.Also Read: Software Development Trend To Keep An Eye On This 2020

4. Engage with your audience

Being a start-up or a small business owner the benefit you have over your more successful competitors is that you have an opportunity to engage with all of your audience. And to make the best out of your Facebook ad campaign, engaging with your audience in the comment section of your ad is what you can do. For every comment on your ad, reply with the positive comment, even ask questions if they like to experience your service.

In conclusion:

You don't have to do much, now you know how to run a Facebook ad is simple and very effective way to promote your business. Using all the above-mentioned points you can run a successful Facebook ad campaign with 100$ and get new user engagement.