Here Is How You Can Launch Your Grocery Delivery App Like Blinkit

Blinkit started as a company that provided their customers with quick grocery delivery on the day, which sounds like an excessive service at first. Now, they have come a long way and expanded their service to include quick dry cleaning and more. Does this mean you should also invest in grocery app development and start your own online business like Blinkit?As per the report from Statista, global on-demand grocery market revenue was nearly USD 340 billion in 2021. This phenomenon is expected to grow even bigger.Another reason for the rise of this sector is the huge amount of affordable internet services and people being more accustomed to shopping online. There's never been a better time for someone looking to start an online grocery business like Blinkit.Learn the steps you need to take in order to begin your own profitable online grocery app development like Blinkit.

What’s the Future of Online Grocery delivery business?

Covid 19 is a brand that has made grocery shopping much easier and enjoyable. In addition, the survey showed that it had led to an increase of 9-12% in contactless purchases of groceries, especially those from fresh and frozen categories. The grocery industry took a big step forward when it came to technology adaptation due to the massive increase in online sales. These numbers ranged from 3-4% before the world stopped turning, but what made that growth even more significant was also evident across other eCommerce business sectors.It’s not hard to understand why people prefer work-life balance over working a lot – because, in today’s world, jobs are something we have more options for. A recent study has shown that most work today leaves people with no time at all to do essential day-to-day tasks like buying groceries. The variety of ways people have been experiencing the same working pattern is amazing. For example, you can use that time to spend with a loved one or meet up with friends for a relaxing hobby.It's a smart idea to do more business online in today's modern world. More people get to use their phone for the purpose of ordering food and grocery online. Amidst this, if you decides to invest in grocery app development, you get the opportunity to start a profitable on-demand business.Also Read: Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your Own Gojek Super App

What are the ongoing challenges?

Despite their advantages, the grocery app development service has a number of limitations.

  • High-Competition

The pandemic has increased the demand for online grocery businesses in the market. Online grocery shopping is experiencing a lot of growth and credibility, due to major investments. In such a competitive market, it's easier for businesses to stand out from the rest.

  • Low-Profit Margin

With people having multiple options to select from, it is becoming a game of – who is providing better services at a cheaper price. In addition, competitors also use discounted rates on products to lure in customers. So, even if one accomplishes to drive sales with such offers eventually, it doesn’t leave them with high-profit margins.

  • Storage

If you opt for an inventory-based online grocery business, you need to have high storage capacity warehouses. And with groceries like fruits and vegetables, you will also need to refrigerate them efficiently to avoid degradation.

  • Logistics

If you have a regular store, you can probably get away with bad word of mouth for the first few months. If you're just starting an online store, then that's not an option. So make sure to always use reliable delivery services at the start so your customers don't feel like they're waiting too long for their order. As orders increase, you need to make sure that your app and delivery management system is able to handle the volumes. You also want to make sure that all staff members are well trained and are able to deliver consistent quality.Also read: 5 On-Demand Business Ideas That You Can Use To Start Your Online Business

Three Different Options To Build Your Grocery Delivery App

When it comes to building your own grocery app you got three options. In this section, we will be discussing each one in brief.

Ready to launch App

If your app does not require too much work, a ready-made Grocery app script would be a great option. You can alter the brand name, icons, and aesthetics as you see fit in order to make it yours. However, you'll need to find a development company with a product that offers all the features you want. Though this option typically come at a lower cost, you may have to compromise on the UI/UX design, if you can’t find the best ready-made script.

  • Custom-Build App

There are different ways to build an app. A custom application can take more time and be more expensive than other options, but it also allows you to have more control over the end product and what you want to be included in it. Developing custom apps for your business is time-consuming and comes with a higher price tag. However, it offers a lot of flexibility to add features that are lacking in the competitor's app.

  • Subscription-based App

A subscription app allows you to build custom software on the go and get it ready for a "registered" app name. You simply pick the templates they offer, customize them as needed, and send them your final copy.This will allow you to start your grocery app development and take your business online easily. This will save you time and effort and it is the cheapest option out there. However, you will lack developer support and scalability features. Also Read: Success Factors Of Online Taxi Business Using Uber Clone

Features you should Integrate into your Grocery App Development

Your app will have to offer top-quality customer service and great features. If you want your customers to buy it, you need to make the experience worth their while. Willingness to work with you is key here and they should be utilizing reliable technology that offers an engaging interface. Here are some of the features that should be considered and provided to customers.

  • Easy Navigation

Online grocery shopping is becoming more and more popular, largely because of the ease with which a customer can conveniently go from point A to B when it comes to ordering groceries. As per a basic rule of thumb – if your users could comprehend the process and make it understandable to kids, they will be far less likely to leave your service. Make sure to have a minimalistic UI in your grocery app development.

  • Online Payment Options

It's always good to have a couple of payment options available to give customers the most convenient experience on your app. Take a look at what other businesses are doing and make sure you're offering something different. Add all the different online payment options. You can also work on offering features like “Buy-now-Pay-later,” to attract more customers.

  • Real-Time Tracking

Tracking systems are in place nowadays to make sure your customers stay informed and can know what’s going on with their orders.

  • Multiple Store

If a business model is ready-to-launch, it’s better for you to provide your customers with combinations of stores. Not only does it simplify the process for customers and give them more options, but you can also get different commission rates from different vendors.


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