10 Mobile App Ideas For Start-ups To Work In 2020

More than 1 billion people using the internet on their smartphone. These mobile computing devices have become many of our necessity, from checking email to booking a cab we like to do everything on our smartphones.

However, these smartphones would feel lifeless if there is no mobile app. Everything that we do on your smartphone is made possible by mobile apps. There are 2.8 billion mobile apps available on the Google play store, and still growing. Business and startups are investing in mobile app development to grow their profit.

Most of these mobile apps were meant to offer ease to our lives and started as start-up ideas. If you are thinking of doing the same here are 10 mobile app ideas that can help you do your start-up.

1. Custom Itinerary Apps

Mobile app ideas

This one is in trend as traveling has become everyone's hobby. Start-ups like Airbnb are doing a very successful business. You can also create a custom Itinerary apps that can be used by the travelers for searcing accommodation and other facilities during their trip. You can add features like finding nearby hotels & restaurants, places to visit, mode of public transport available in the area, etc. Features like this will be loved by travelers.Also Read: 7 Free App Designing Tools Every App Developer Should Know

2. GRRS Or Graphical Restaurant Reservation System

Mobile app ideas

As you can guess from its name, mobile apps developed as GRRS are used for reserving tables in a restaurant. Yelp and Allset are two of the successful names in the businesses that offer GRRS features in their apps and website. By partnering with various restaurants in your area along with a GRRS app can help you get started with your new startup. Your users will be happy when they'll able to see (virtually) the restaurant table on their smartphone before reserving it for their date night.

3. Blockchain apps

Mobile app ideas

If you want to invest in the future market, blockchain-based apps are certainly the best idea. The technology is not something new, people in the world are already aware of it because of its introduction in the cryptocurrency. Businesses are continuously looking for blockchain innovation. You can create a blockchain-based that offers safe & secure payments, undisrupted transactions, distributed cloud storage, etc. The security offered by blockchain technology is what people are interested in. With Facebook working on its own cryptocurrency (Libra coins) to bring it to the mainstream, soon the demand for blockchain-based apps is bound to increase.

4. Online Instant Messaging Apps

Mobile app ideas

Online instant messaging apps have taken over the traditional texting methods (SMS and MMS). Apps like Wechat and WhatsApp have certainly taken over the market, beating the competition would certainly seem like a hard task. However, if you got a unique idea you can give this world another free online instant messaging app.

5. An App Base On Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial has become the part of smart devices, with Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, tech companies and mobile phone makers are allowing us to get the experience of this future technology. Seeing what an AI can do in the future, AI tech has become the top priority of more than 30% of CIO's. This makes them a great idea for app development. You can create an AI-enabled app to launch a successful start-up, as right it seems to be one of the best mobile app ideas to work on.Also Read: Strategies You Need To Know To Go From Employee To Employer

6. Telemedicine Apps

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Doctor on call is what we call telemedicine. With the help of these apps, a person can get healthcare facilities from an authorized doctor. Depending on the platform this facility can be provided through phone calls, website or a mobile app. Seeing its benefits, this new market has now worth $ 38 billion and expected to reach the mark of $66 billion by the end of 2021.

7. Virtual Reality Apps

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Virtual Reality has become a new trend, mostly incorporated with video games and entertainment videos, VR seems like a technology of the future. It is a technology that lets you interact with the virtual world and make it look like a reality. Samsun, Google, and HTC are already invested in developing their VR headsets. It got the potential to change the way we play games and consume digital video content. Therefore building a VR app seems like a good idea.

8. Augmented Reality Apps

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Just like VR, Augmented Reality (or AR) is also a new technology in the market. People have already experienced it in 2016 with the Pokemon Go mobile game. After seeing the popularity of Pokemon Go, businesses started investing in this new technology. And now the AR industry is expected to grow a total worth $170 billion by 2021. Mostly in gaming but if you can it can be a good start-up idea.

9. On-Demand Apps

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On-demand mobile apps are the best and the simplest app development idea for startups. They are certainly the most popular apps to build when it comes to a start-up. These apps are meant to help users with their daily life, with Uber Clone app one can start there own taxi business and offer the easy way to commute to the public. Not just an Uber clone for taxi but these on-demand mobile apps can be built to offer services like ordering food, grocery, and other daily necessities.

10. Musician Hub

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Mobile app ideas

source[/caption]From Post Malone to LAUV, we are seeing a rapid increase of Music creators all over the world. With an app build around musicians, you can help the underdogs, the way Soundcloud did. Help the indie mucic creators who cannot afford expensive studio set up to record and publish their work. Built an app for talented music creators to help them achieve their dream. Also Read: This Is How You Can Upload App On Google Play Store

In Conclusion:

These are the 10 best mobile app ideas that you can work on to start a business. Apart from these mobile app ideas, you can also invest and try to build an app based on IoT or an online dating app, as they are also in trend.

In case you think we missed something, comment down below so that we can know.