Mobile Application Ideas That Are On Rise During The Lockdown

Do you know Zoom (the video calling app) worth more than American Airlines, Expedia, and Hilton Combined? Before this quarantine, you probably won't have heard of this piece of technology. So if you are thinking it is hard to sustain or start a new business in this quarantine, you are wrong. Because if you are an entrepreneur you'd know it is the best time to reach all your customers. As most of them are stuck in their homes and their mobile phones are the only place where they hang out.There are several business ideas (specifically mobile-based) that can help you run your business and help the customers get what they are missing in this quarantine.Wondering what are the mobile application ideas that you can use to start a new business even in the lockdown. Here are the few ideas that you can use to help people in need because we don't know how long it will take to get back to our normal lives.

Delivery apps

Knowing that the government has asked all the businesses to stay shut, only essential service providers are allowed to deliver food, vegetables, and other necessary items to the citizens. Starting your own grocery delivery app or any other delivery app can help you to reach your potential customers with the solution of their problem amidst this lockdown. Best thing about delivery apps is because of their popularity there are already a number of ready-made on-demand delivery app solutions available in the market. Also Read: This How You Business Can Grab the Attention of Millennials

Gaming apps

We are not used to staying inside our homes, not able to go out for a walk or maybe to meet your friends is pretty frustrating and staying at home is pretty boring. Mobile games are the best time pass, your family might be already playing ludo on their phones, while the kids are busy surviving the last circle in PUBG. You can take leverage of this lockdown by using our custom app development service to launch your own multiplayer indie or arcade games.Your new gaming business can save people from boredom while offering you a way to start earning.

Social media apps

A cross-platform app that allows people to share their pictures and also allows them to connect with strangers. Certainly, there are many other apps based on this concept, but what about a social media app for in-house parties. These apps are the never-fading mobile application ideas for a startup to work on the only thing that needs is the unique idea to be different from others.You can be the next popular app, if you have an idea to work on a social media app, this is the best time for you. Also Read: How To Chose The Right Mobile App Development Company

Online tutor app

Education system is suffering a lot, with all the schools and colleges asked to stay shut and postpone the exams. The future of our youth is suffering. Some places online classes have become a regular thing, however, they are not efficient. You must have already seen some of the funny videos of online classes in progress. But you can help students to get their education, all you need is a mobile application ideas for an online education platform where tutors can prepare the students for their exams after the lockdown. With the help of app development companies you can easily get an app developed for the purpose and able to start your own business in this lockdown.

Video calling app

Already mentioned in the story of ZOOM, you can be the next, people are finally having the free time that they were always wanted. And stay at home, playing video games, using social media is not all that they do. Getting on a long video call session has also become their favorite pastime to cope with this lockdown.With some unique features, you can create your own app like zoom and become a successful business owner.