How To Make Money With Apporio All-In-One, A Multi-Service On-Demand App Solution

You all know about the trend of mobile apps that are taking over the traditional market. Not just eCommerce apps but today we often like to book a taxi order food or grocery with a business that operates their business through a mobile app.Especially the on-demand businesses such as Uber, Groffers, and Grub Hub are the one that is taking the best advantage of mobile technology. Simply by serving the demand of a customer in a modern way, delivery to their door-step, and taking order anywhere, anytime through a mobile app is what makes these businesses a huge success.

But how can you grow an already existing on-demand business?

Apporio All-In-One app

A multi-purpose on-demand app that can make your business the one-roof solution to all your customer’s needs. Our 100% customizable multi-purpose on-demand app solution is perfect for those who are already running an on-demand taxi, delivery, or handyman business. However, it is absolutely perfect for new business owners as well the creative but intuitive design of our app allows the ability to run 52+ on-demand businesses with one app, make is a perfect solution for you too innovate your business.

How it works

Following the well-tested path of the most popular on-demand uber clone apps, which is to provide easy access of your services to your customers and providing them the convenience of order anything-anywhere. But what it does better than any other on-demand app or Uber clone script is to allow you to run more than 52 business from one app. With Apporio All-In-One your customers don't have to have a separate app for booking a taxi, ordering food, or for calling an electrician. You can provide all the above mentioned and many other services through one app.Use can simply log-in to the app and create their profile to start using the app and accessing the services you are offering. The intuitive but beautiful design of your app is simple enough for anyone to understand. Not just functions but it offers functionality to the advanced features you are trying to offer to your customers for ease of access. To avail service, users simply have to open the app, log-in (not required if they are already logged in) select the service they need to book. Your deliver partners (or drivers in case of taxi booking) will receive the service request and start working on completing the request. To make it easy and simple enough for your business we have built a different Admin panel section from where you can keep track of your entire business. You add or remove the services you want to offer, can track each and every request, and based on the progress of your business the admin panel will also provide you the advanced analytics report, that tells you which part of the city was liking your service most. So that you can work on a better strategy to work on.

How to earn money from Apporio All-In-One app?

If you are a business owner or someone who is thinking about starting their own on-demand business, Apporio All-In-One is making the process of starting a business simple, easy, and efficient. You don't have to wait for a month for the service app of your brand to get developed. Our app is 100% customizable to represent your brand and design needs. In Order to earn money you can either start a new on-demand business with more than one service for your customers to pick from. Or else switch your traditional on-demand taxi or delivery business with our on-demand multi-purpose app solution where you can run more than just a taxi or delivery business to make more profit. So, if you are interested in Apporio All-In-One app request a free demo.