Thinking About Starting Your On-Demand Business? Check Out Multipurpose App First

Living in 2020 things might not be going that great, but if you are an entrepreneur you know people are in need of your help more than ever. With closed markets and locked down cities, people are facing problems with food and grocery delivery service. Now there are separate apps available in the market for food delivery or grocery delivery but what if we tell you that you can offer food delivery, grocery delivery, and much more with just one app. Yes, there are multipurpose on-demand apps, which allows entrepreneurs (or business owners) to start or expand their existing business offering more than 52 individual services to their potential customers using a single app.

What is a multipurpose on-demand app?

Based on the popular on-demand service provider GoJek, these multipurpose apps allow startups and business owners to offer multiple on-demand services including on-demand taxi business, grocery delivery, courier delivery, on-demand plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc. If you are thinking about starting your own on-demand business, Gojek clones can help you. We have created the Apporio All-In-One app, which is a white label ready-made script that can be customized for features and designs according to the need of a particular business. Also Read: Apporio All-In-One App A Mutli-Service On-Demand App Solution For Startups

Why Apporio All-In-One is better than any other on-demand apps?

For all the entrepreneurs or small business owners who are thinking about starting or expanding their on-demand business. Apporio Infolabs provides a perfect solution to help these entrepreneurs by offering an easy and more efficient way to run their business. With the Apporio all-in-one app you can launch your own on-demand business and offer more than 52 services from a simple app. It features everything that your potential customers look for in a mobile app.

  • Easy & Single Touch Login – Allowing users to log into the app to book service with simple one-time registration.
  • Responsive – To make sure your potential customers can find you on every platform we build responsive apps that supports Android devices and iOS devices.
  • Multi Payment Options – To make it easy for the customers to pay, we have added multiple payment options such as debit/credit card, wallet, or cash, customers can use whatever way they find convenient to pay for the service.
  • Real-time Tracking – To allow customers to track the status of service they have booked.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Currency – We offer our mobile app solution worldwide, that's why we have added multi-language and multi-currency feature into our all-in-one app solution.
  • Seamless Interface – In order to make it easy for users to navigate and book your service easily, our designers have created intuitive UI.
  • Notification – For notifying the users regarding new services, offers, deals, and discounts.
  • Bug-free – For ensuring that the clone functions efficiently without crashing.

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So, if you are interested

Our on-demand app solution for all-in-one app not only helps you to launch multiple services but also helps your customers to get rid of all the individual apps and install one app in which they can find their taxi, food, courier, and grocery delivery app. So, if you are interested try our demo app and get in touch with our sales team to get your free quote and discuss your needs.