Thinking About Starting On-Demand Multi-Service Business? Read This First

Who can sell a service?

Selling services (something that customers want) knows no boundary. Anyone and everyone are qualified to start their own service business. As we all got some skill, some knowledge or experience that other people are willing to pay for. Especially in year 2020, modern technology has made it even more simple for someone to start their own service business. On-demand taxi booking, food delivery, grocery delivery are just a few examples of service business that you can choose to be your new business. However, 2020 is different, people are looking for a safe commute, sanitized grocery shopping experience, and favorite food to get delivered to their homes. And instead of fixing just one problem, you can start a multi-service on-demand business and offer more than 52 on-demand services (including online-taxi booking, food delivery, grocery delivery) with one app.

What Makes Multi-Service On-Demand Business A Better Choice?

There are many advantages to starting a multi-service on-demand business. Being your own boss is certainly one of the most prominent benefits. Running your own business allows you to earn more money. Selling multiple services using one app is certainly going to help you earn more profit and make more customers happy. Nowadays we all are accustomed to using mobile apps to order a particular service. We are already willing to pay for on-demand services. You can take the benefit of this by launching your own online business to sell the skills that other people want. By launching your own All-In-One app you will reach more customers online and they'll be getting easy access to something they want. Customers also don't have to install separate apps for taxi booking, grocery delivery, etc, when they can find all the services they need in one app.Implementing mobile technology makes it easy to operate a business. With cloud computing and a separate app for users and service providers, you can respond to each request instantly. There is a separate panel for the admin, packed with all the features that will help you run your new business smoothly. Advance GPS to keep track of all the active requests. Online verification of service providers and drivers, a heat map that tells where customers are loving your service more, advanced analytics that helps to make a better decision are a few of the admin features that will make your life easy. Wondering what services you can offer with an All-In-One app? Here is a list check it out:

  1. Food Delivery
  2. Grocery Delivery
  3. Pharmacy Delivery
  4. Water Delivery
  5. Courier Delivery
  6. Flower Delivery
  7. Marijuana Delivery
  8. Alcohol Delivery
  9. Common Deliveries
  10. Taxi ride
  11. Car rental
  12. Moto rental
  13. Helicopter Ride
  14. Boat Ride
  15. Boat Rental
  16. Moto ride
  17. Packers and movers
  18. Online Doctor
  19. Car Wash
  20. Dog Grooming
  21. Lawyer
  22. Locksmith
  23. Real Estate Agent
  24. Tow Truck
  25. Barber
  26. Catering
  27. Computer Repair
  28. Firefighters
  29. Mechanic
  30. Mobile Technician
  31. Cleaning
  32. Lawn Care
  33. Language Tutor
  34. Psychologist
  35. Translator
  36. TV Repair
  37. Yoga Instrustor
  38. Spa
  39. Interior Design
  40. Road Assistance
  41. Babysitting
  42. Plumber
  43. Beauty service
  44. Fitness coach
  45. Dog-walking
  46. Carpenter
  47. Electrician
  48. Handyman
  49. Maids
  50. House-cleaning
  51. Laundry
  52. Lawn-mowing
  53. Physiotherapy
  54. Tour guide
  55. Pest control
  56. Travel agent
  57. Tutor
  58. Vet
  59. Cuddling
  60. DJ
  61. Insurance agent
  62. Home-painting service
  63. Massage


We know the list is long, so does the opportunity. Starting a multi-service on-demand business is the best option if you want to expand or start an on-demand business.