React Native App Development: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

React Native is a JavaScript-based open-source framework for building native mobile apps with React. It was created by Facebook in 2014 and has been steadily gaining popularity ever since. And here are the 6 mistakes that you should avoid while react native app development.

Mistake #1: Not Testing Your Code

In order to maintain a healthy app, developers should test their code. The first step in the process is to create a test plan. The plan will consist of different types of tests for your app, like functional and performance tests. After that comes the actual implementation of the tests and finally, you can run them on your device or emulator.

Mistake #2: Not Using a Build Tool

A build tool is an automation tool that helps developers to generate code, assets, or content. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as continuous integration or continuous deployment.Also Read: Benefits Of Hiring An Offshore App Development Company For Your Next Project

Mistake #3: Not Understanding the Difference Between Components and Views

One of the mistakes that many developers make is not understanding the difference between components and views.The view is a UI component that renders HTML, CSS, and other code. A component is a reusable unit of code that includes its own state and lifecycle methods. Views can be nested in other views to create additional UI components.Views are rendered on the screen using templates or other view elements. They are also used to build layouts for the app. Components are created by attaching behaviors to DOM elements like buttons, links, etc. They also have their own state and lifecycle methods.

Mistake #4: Not Using Redux

Redux is a library that helps developers write applications in an easier and more flexible way. It can be used to manage states, actions, and side effects.The 4th mistake is not using Redux. Redux is a library that helps developers write applications in an easier and more flexible way. It can be used to manage state, actions, and side effects.Redux has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years due to its simplicity and flexibility which allows developers to create complex applications with it without having any knowledge of the underlying architecture or how the application works under the hood.Also Read: The Importance Of Mobile Apps for Businesses

Mistake #5: Not Using Immutable Data Structures

Immutable data structures are key to data integrity and security. They help in preventing the occurrence of unintended changes in the data.Mistake 5 is about not using immutable data structures. This is a common mistake that many people make when they are working with relational databases and NoSQL databases. They think that they can use these types of databases without having to worry about their data being changed or deleted by other users. However, this is not true because these databases do not have any sort of immutability built into them as an immutable database does.

Mistake#6: Not Understanding the State of Your App and How It Changes over Time

This is a mistake that many app developers make. They don't understand the state of their app and how it changes over time.The key to avoiding this mistake is to use a state management tool like Flux, React or Redux. With these tools, you can model your data as a tree that allows for easy navigation and changes over time.State management tools are used by all modern web apps in order to manage the state of an application during its lifecycle. These tools allow for easy navigation from one point in the application to another point without having to reload the whole page or re-fetch data from external sources.