The need for Custom App Development

When was the last time you came across a daily task which made you think - ‘There has to be a better way to do this.”If you find yourself having these thoughts on a regular basis, then you understand the sigh of relief one gets when they hear ‘Oh, there’s an app for that!’Whenever we are faced with an opportunity to increase convenience or improve efficiency we turn to mobile applications. The reason behind this is simple. Mobile phone applications have revolutionized everything around us by allowing businesses to reach customers at a scale that has never been seen before. Customers can now easily avail a number of services of their choice with a few taps on a smartphone. Whether you’re a hotel owner or skilled labor using mobile apps to advertise your services in online marketplaces is the best way to reach your customers these days. A significant online presence is an essential component for maintaining an edge over your competitors in the contemporary marketplace. Apps have made our lives easier by a million fold by harnessing the best that internet and smartphone technologies have to offer. It is simply the way to do business these days. This has caused the market to be flooded with multiple mobile applications for the same service. Users are spoilt for choice and they tend to opt for easy to use and reliable apps. While the majority of users tend to choose an app with familiar options, others look for apps with a higher level of functionality. However, all users prefer an uncluttered and simple to use UI. This poses a challenge to both businesses and app developers. Finding the right balance of ease of use and functionality in an app is extremely important to drive users to continue to use your application. This can make or break an app’s user base. A strong user base and repeat customers are what make an app a success. But users will only use the apps which are error-free. So, at the end of the day, customers look for an app that is not only easy to use but also gets the job done on a regular basis. Not every business owner and app developer understand these nuances of app development and maintenance and they make rookie mistakes while developing their first application. As most smartphone users are divided by 2 Operating systems, Android and iOS, the App Store and the PlayStore are the major platforms for businesses to publish and market their applications. In the era of Start-up innovation and entrepreneurship, every idea is unique and has an exclusive set of requirements. The creator’s vision of service must reflect in the application that represents their business. Ideally, a visionary would want an identical app on both the App Store and the PlayStore. Deploying an application with well written, bug-free code and a smooth user interface on either of these platforms guarantees the success of a business. As first impressions are important, apps which run smoothly and get updated with regular feedback from their users are more likely to be successful.A ready made app may seem like an affordable and attractive solution for a startup with a low budget. But this approach can cause several setbacks as the app is used by multiple users. It takes multiple versions and a lot of expenditure to eventually develop an app which is easily deployable. A custom developed app has the desired scalability, customizable features, and a bug-free and seamless user experience.In conclusion, an App which is simple to use and works bug-free on both Android and iOS operating systems is assured to attract one’s target smartphone users.At Apporio Infolabs, we pride ourselves on helping our customers actualize their ideas into user-friendly and neatly designed apps. Conceiving an innovative idea can be a stepping stone towards the billionaire dream of every entrepreneur. Custom made apps present your ideas in the exact manner as they were conceived. Do not let a generic App genericism your dream. So the next time you think “Is there an app for that?” or “Can this app be better?” think of us.