Things You Need To Know About On-Demand Apps

The modernization of technology has brought the business world to the mobile-first era. With the emergence of on-demand technology and services, even the most money-making businesses are seeing good competition from start-ups and small businesses that have started to use modern technology to support their business. These on-demand business models (on-demand apps) are help entrepreneurs to offer what their customers really want. With the help of mobile technology, business owners are able to come up with an efficient and more profitable business innovation ideas that satisfy the need of both businesses and their customers.All this has become possible with the help of advancement in mobile technology. Today the smartphone that we have in our pockets is more than just an entertainment device. It is our taxi service, grocery store, shopping centers, doctor and even simple access to the handyman. This modern piece of technology serves as an efficient and effective medium for businesses to grow and innovate their business. There are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world and the fact that most of the time these people spend on their smartphones, serves as a good platform for businesses to come and meet their customers.

The reason behind the popularity of on-demand apps (or just apps)

The simple to access to the services that customers want is the one and only reason behind the popularity of these on-demand apps. Today you don't have to wait and wave at every taxi that is coming to your way, just to get a ride back home. With the help of on-demand taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft, customers can just book the cab from their office or home or from anywhere else. The taxi will come to their location to pick them up, no more waiting on the street for an empty taxi. Not just this, but for the food lovers, who are just craving for chocolate ice-cream even in this quarantine, can use a similar on-demand app for food delivery to order themselves the taste they are craving. In many other situations like this, on-demand service providers offer a quick and simple way to avail solutions to their customers' requirements.Also Read: Software Development Trend To Keep An Eye On This 2020So whether it be a situation of booking a taxi late at night to reach the airports or fixing the clogged sink, mobile applications are becoming more and more popular among its users.

Popular business ideas based on on-demand apps

On-demand privileged have shaped business, innovating them into more successful and easy to operate system. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you must be wondering what are all the available options for you to start or expand your business? Here is the answer to your curious thoughts, take a look at the most popular on-demand apps that even you can use for the benefit of your business.

Food delivery

In the last few years, the popularity of food delivery apps has grown a lot. Benefiting restaurant owners and helping them to expand their business by reaching more customers with the help of a mobile app. People who are living a busy lifestyle, which includes almost all of us or the people who are living away from their family (mostly bachelors) are kind of in love with the work operation of these food delivery apps. As all they (customers) have to do to order food from a restaurant is simply to find the dish or your favorite restaurant from the food delivery app. And just place the order, enter the delivery address and the hot, freshly prepared will get delivered at your doorstep.For business owners, this app will help them to better manage their business. Apart from the user app, there will a delivery guy app and a web-based admin panel. The delivery person can receive the notification for the next delivery, meanwhile when the delivery person reachers the restaurant, the food will be prepared and ready for delivery.

Retail and logistic

Retail delivery and logistic industry are able to innovate their business with the growing technology by offering features such as door-step delivery or one-day delivery. With the help of on-demand apps logistic and e-commerce businesses are able to reach and deliver the service to their customers who live far away from the warehouse or center of their business.By offering options to deliver what their customers ordered in a short time (usually same-day delivery) is the reason why users have shifted their way of shopping and buying things. With the help of e-commerce apps, users can order what they wanted right from their couch. All they need is the on-demand app and the product will get delivered to them.


This one has come handy for housemakers and busy moms, who used to do the grocery shopping on her way back from home. With the help of an on-demand grocery app, users can order fresh and organic vegetables. Ordering groceries from an on-demand app might not help you save a lot of money, but it helps users to avoid the long queue at the grocery store. Starting a grocery delivery business is quite simple, especially with the help of these on-demand apps. Mobile app developers like Apporio Infolabs have a ready-made solution for grocery app that you can buy to start your new business or expand the reach of your already running grocery store. These apps are considered the best and the most effective way to run a business in today's era of mobile technology.

App for Beautician

Offering the online service of beautician, stylist, or makeup artists, businesses are offering a comfortable for its users to look good before a special event. Users can now book a beautician service and the service provider will come to their home.Users no longer have to book appointments and then visit the physical store, all the popular names in the market already offers home services. You can also start an app for the beautician to grown the work operations of your beauty parlor.


Not just food or groceries but one can even order prescribed medicine online through an on-demand pharmacy app. Usually offering the 24*7 service, just like a physical store these on-demand apps are here to help you get the medicine without leaving your home.So if you forget to bring the medicine, you can always order them from the pharmacy app. It also offers a good opportunity for business owners to innovate their business by automating the process.Apart from the delivery of medicine, these apps can also be used to consult a doctor on phone or to get online prescriptions.


Last but not the least online taxi booking apps are certainly the best example of the on-demand apps. After the success of Uber, which is a business build entirely on the on-demand business model. There are a number of on-demand taxi service providers comes into the market, following the same steps, by offering the advance features, affordable fare and multiple payment options made is a great success among its target customers.Today, Uber is not the only name in the market of taxi service providers, Lyft, Grab and Ola are some of the other successful taxi business working on the on-demand business model. Various ride options, from carpool (cheapest) to luxury ride, people don't have to bring out their cars in the traffic and wait for the parking as these taxi services are quite reliable and affordable.Also Read: 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development Is The Better Option

But how to make sure of the success of your on-demand business?

Once you have decided to start your own on-demand business, you need to add features that will make your brand unique from others. As this is the only way to get success in this field. You also need to understand that there are three different components in every on-demand app that includes a customer app, service provider app and an admin panel. To run a successful you need to make sure to offer something unique to your customers, here are some of the advance features that you must have in your on-demand app for business.

1. Customer app feature

Push notificationsRemind your users it's time to order groceries, track their behavior to provide better service through the push notification features.Real-time trackingAllow your users to see how much longer will it take for their item to get delivered. Make sure to add a real-time tracking feature in your on-demand app.Multiple payment optionEveryone is going cashless, why not your business? All users to pay via digital wallets or cards, through secure payment gateways.Reviews and ratingsBuild a better bond with your customers, listen to their suggestions, find out what they like the most through the reviews and rating features. Call maskingKeep the identity of your customers safe, implement the advance call masking feature into your on-demand app and offer better security to your customer's information.

2. Service provider app feature

Push notificationsNotify the service provider as soon as the user orders a service, offer an opportunity to quickly provide support to their query.Easy accept or reject requestService providers can easily accept or reject requests depending on their availability.Track EarningsYour service provider will be well informed about how much money they have made. They can see it in real-time from the track earnings feature on the service provider app.Availability toggleTo inform the admin about the availability, a service provider can simply turn the availability toggle on/off to notify the admin if they are ready to take work or not.

3. Admin panel

Manage usersAdmin can simply manage the user-related affairs through these features, things, like sending promo codes or activate special offers, can be done through here.Manage service providersManaging the incentives, earnings and penalties can be controlled by admin through this feature. Setting pricingYou can label the different pricing of all the services that are available in the user app through these features. Advance analyticThis admin panel makes the business operations super simple, with its advance reports, you can see the areas where people are requesting more of your services. You can track all your service providers and much more.

In this mobile-first era, these mobile applications are the way to win the race. These are the things you need to know about On-demand apps