Why Online Grocery Delivery App Should Be Your Next Investment?

With the physical restrictions of 2020 due to the global pandemic. Businesses are entering the mobile platform environment to compete with the big competition and reach their customers with the help of mobile apps. Startups and small businesses are investing in uber clone solutions to start and innovate their traditional on-demand business. Not just a taxi app, with an uber clone one, can choose to start one of many on-demand businesses that include, online taxi business, food delivery, grocery delivery, etc.

Why Online Grocery Delivery App Should Be Your Next Investment?

online grocery delivery app

After the rising popularity of uber-like apps in the market, the online taxi industry has seen growth. However, the world being shut-down at the starting of the pandemic has restricted people's daily commute. The culture of work from home is growing and the habit of using online delivery is also on the rise. Being able to get their necessities and grocery delivered to their home is what your customers want right now. Also, launching an online grocery store with the help of a mobile app can help you reach more customers.

Apporio Grocery Delivery App Solution

online grocery delivery app

With years of experience in the mobile app development industry and working with on-demand businesses, we have built the perfect on-demand grocery delivery app. Our on-demand grocery delivery is a scalable product that can help grocers, big and small to innovate their business. No matter if you are the local neighborhood store or an expansive supermarket chain with many with multiple stores our ready-made grocery app script can help you reach more customers. It comes with a separate user and delivery person app and an advanced admin panel for easy to keep track of everything.

User App Features

To help customers connect with you and order your services from the comfort of their home our ready-made uber clone solution for grocery delivery various advanced features some of them are as follow:

1. Quick Registration

With one-time registration, your customers can easily log-in any time with one tap. To make the process even simple, app supports social logins. So that users can use their existing Google or Facebook accounts to log-in and start using your grocery delivery app.

2. Beautiful UI

To make the app simple to use, our developers created a beautiful UI to accompany the advanced features and make app more functional. Offering advanced listing, easy search, order history, our on-demand app solution makes it easy for your customer to use your app and make them revisit because of the simple process.

3. Multi-Payment Mode

Customers can make the payment for their order online, in cash, or use online options such as digital wallet, debit card, or credit card. We have implemented a safe and secure payment gateways to offer safe and secure online payment options.

4. Schedule Delivery

It is one of the advanced features of our uber clone solution that you can offer to customers and allow them to order your service in advance. Not just this but the help of push notifications (another feature) you can remind your customers of their next order.

5. Easy Re-Order

For your returning customers, ordering groceries would be even simpler with the re-order button present in the order history of their profile. Customers can re-order their necessities directly from there and avoid the hassle of individuals searching for each item.

Delivery Person App And Admin Panel

To offer the help of technology in the business side, our uber clone solution comes with a separated delivery person app and an advanced admin panel. Each comes with their separate features, listed as follow:

1. Easy Accept Incoming Order

By logging in to the app, the delivery person will mark their availability to online and start receiving order delivery requests in their area. They can easily accept the request with one tap on the app. Our uber clone solution is here to make your new on-demand grocery business run smoothly.

2. Advanced GPS

To help the delivery person locate the store location our GPS provides the guided navigation. The same feature allows the delivery person to reach the customer's delivery location. It also helps the admin and customers to track the order. Along with the real-time update, this feature also provides the ETA updates.

3. Track Income

App keeps track of the completed deliveries along with the income tracking of the delivery person. They can use this feature anytime to track their income of the day.

4. Dashboard

To keep the eye on the entire process, admin can use the dashboard of the admin panel and track every request, their customer's order, and track their delivery person.

5. Manage Stores

To add or remove a grocery store from the listing the admin panel provides direct and simple access. Not just the store but admin can manage and make the changes to their app through this advanced panel.

6. Advanced Analytics

This is one of the best features of our advanced admin panel. It provides a heat map, customer's interest, and other useful insights and changes that you can make to your business to grow your sales.

You can request the free demo of our advanced uber clone app and test its features before making any decision. Our expert sales executives will help you with the entire process.