Uber And Lyft Expanding Their Business By Tapping Into The Healthcare Market

Earlier on Monday, Uber made a huge announcement, said the company will be soon introducing its new Uber Health service. Uber has suggested a collaboration with Cerner Corp.'s electronic health record system to allow caregivers to schedule a ride for their patients.Not just Uber, Lyft has also announced that the company is now offering free rides to the hospital to all the eligible Medicaid beneficiaries in Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia.

What And Why?

Uber Health

Healthcare industry consumes more than 20% of the US economy and the need for home care and easy transportation to the hospital is becoming popular. Amidst of all this with their on-demand taxi apps both the ride-sharing giants in the world tried their own ways to tap into this massive healthcare market.Also Read:Uber Can Launch Its Grocery Delivery Service From Early 2020Lyft has been working with LogistiCare, while Uber is doing close room meetings with American Logistics to offer better service in this market. Both LogistiCare and American Logistics are two popular names when it comes to managing patient transportation to medical visits for providers and payers.With this new collaboration between Uber and Cerner EHR, healthcare organizations that use Cerner EHR can offer the service to schedule a ride for patients who need transportation to make their hospital visit. This means with the help of this new Uber Health app, users (caregivers) can book ride for their patients within the EHR workflow.The best part is that users don't have to pay anything for their ride as the Uber Health app directly charges the healthcare organization for the rides booked through the service. With Uber Health company is trying to offer transportation help to the older and low-income patients who don't have a car or direct access to public transportation.With this feature, Uber is trying to help the underserved people. Plus, trying to grow its market.Also Read: 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development Is The Better Option

How You Can Do It Too?

Not just Uber but you can also start a business like Uber with a customized taxi app. You can also help the underserved with your app like Uber. Start your own taxi business or start an ambulance service. Uber clone apps are the simplest way to do so, as these clone apps are fully customizable, they come with all the advanced features and don't take much time to get fully developed. However, the time for app development totally depends on your needs.You can check our on-demand app solutions for Uber clone app and get the best solution for mobile app development needs. As we are the