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Uber App for Food Delivery

LScience and technology have taken a giant leap in this century. Technology has brought everything at our fingertips, and that’s precisely when we understand the importance of it. Today’s people order whatever they want from online websites and get it at cheaper and affordable rates, especially food. Many hotels and cafes have started their apps for food delivery so that it becomes more comfortable for the people.

If you run your hotel or make food and sell it from your home, you can be of great help to people by creating your own on demand food delivery application.

Uber for Food Delivery


Step 1

Select Service from Our Menu.

Step 2

Add Your Contact and Address Details

Step 3

Set Preferred Service Delivery Time Slot

Step 4

Doorstep Service Delivered at the Selected Time Slot

Uber for Food Delivery

On Demand Food Delivery App

In this fast generation of work and business, people hardly get time to cook food by themselves. People; hence try to get food from hotels by placing their orders via phone. Often, the food gets delivered late and without taste and cool. Therefore, if you are running your hotel, you can start your own on demand food delivery app.

People, who require food delivered, will have to put in their data for installment purpose. This finishes the essential set up of the application. Once the profile is set, the client can place an order at any time, any requested place. When your client requires food, he can get on to the application and provide accurate details about the location and the food that they want.

Apporio is an excellent company providing on demand food delivery app development, to help people with their food needs at an affordable cost. This can be utilized by anyone who wants to build his very own on demand food delivery application, which can maximize profits.

Addition Features

Login/Register/Social Login(Facebook)

Pickup & Destination By Type/Map

Categories & Sub Categories

Product Detail & Description


Custom Product (Like Subway)


Add to Cart

Confirmation With Products & Delivery Details

Now & Later

Track Your Order

Pay With Card/Cash

Multiple Orders

Track Your Order

Get Delivery Information

Status Updates

Ability To Call Delivery Man


Our Product

Be Aware From Fake Organization

Some of our competitors commit that they will provide the source code & live there app in Just 3 Days, Don't be A Fool no Organization can Launch your app in 2-3 Days, Branding, Localization & Security Testing will take at least 2 weeks’ time for quality Results. And we firstly take approval from clients to upload the Source Code.
We are an ISO certified company so you get guaranteed Quality & Transparency in our work.

What will you get?

App Installation & Approval

White Labeling

Lifetime License

Secure & Licensed source code

Responsive web panels

Payment gateway Integration


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