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We offer on-demand Uber like app development solutions. Track your cab company in real time. Expand your cab company by creating a taxi booking app like uber. 

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Build Your Taxi Booking App Faster Than Ever:

To beat your competitors, you must discover a core of change, a unique selling proposition, and a new design language that is daring, confident, and dynamic. In the race for modern transportation systems, our Uber like taxi app development solution comes to the rescue. Fostered by the increasing complexity of cab transport dynamics, our optimized taxi app solution drives an extensive set of superlative features created following rising passenger demand and driver requirements. 

Are you ready to take your cab app plan from the drawing board to the real world? We are a technology partner that helps individual startups and taxi companies rapidly launch their businesses. Our products demonstrate that we are much more than a uber like app development company. 

If you are searching for a uber like app development company that provides exceptional services using UI/UX designs & modifications, then we are at your service! 

What Will You Get With Apporio?

In the current scenario, people prefer to ride alone rather than take public transit. In such cases, customized taxi apps have emerged to help reduce the risk of venturing out. Here are some of the features of our taxi booking apps like uber that make it lucrative and reliable for customers and cab drivers. 

Highly qualified developers for customizing your taxi booking app.

Expert Pool Of Developers

We foster a team of skilled developers and designers who are proficient in the latest technologies. Our skilled Taxi App Developers are renowned for their scalable and resilient on-demand taxi apps and have full-stack app development skills. Our talented group of mobile app developers gets the nitty-gritty of the Taxi Booking business and has delivered many customized on-demand taxi booking applications. 

100% customizable mobile app.

Customized Apps

Customization increases customer happiness, which benefits every company. Our Taxi App Developers are experienced in developing tailored taxi booking applications that compiles with the latest technologies and trends. All the features can be tailored to your specific business requirements. Whether you are just beginning out or transferring your traditional taxi company to an app network, our app is ready to help you reach all of your prospective customers.  

Uber clone app comes with best performance.

Unrivaled Performance

Our ready-made uber like app development can help you gain a competitive advantage by cutting app development time from several months to just a few days. Our applications are thoughtfully designed and feature web interfaces to provide an exceptional user experience to all stakeholders. They have a quicker loading time and an unrivaled UX that facilitates SEO efforts. 

Uber like app offers best security mechanism.

Enhanced App Security & Scalability

A scalable taxi booking app like uber provides more flexibility, security, and opportunities for additional functionality and features. As a result, to achieve optimum scalability, our quality developers, server builders & infrastructure service providers employ various strategies. Ensuring software scalability and security improves user experience and increases your company’s chances of long-term success. 

Modern Design

Modern Design

Making a taxi booking app like uber that is easy to use is the most crucial feature for the app’s success. An app that is basic enough that even non-technical people can use it can attract a large number of users. Our taxi app solutions are extremely reliable and built on modern frameworks. Reap the benefits of our uber like app development services because when we work for our customers, we are always available to address and resolve their queries and worries. 

Efficient & Affordable

Efficient & Affordable

Offering a quick response to a rider’s booking request, instantly dispatching taxis, and distinct app screens for user, driver, and admin are just a few of the features that contribute to our uber like app being the most efficient and affordable solution for taxi companies. When we develop a taxi app for one of our customers, we provide them with 24/7 connectivity, which means we are always approachable and available to them when they need us. 

Have a fantastic taxi company idea?
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An Intelligent Taxi Booking App Like Uber

There has been a worldwide craze for taxi development apps. We can build you an Uber like app with our team of seasoned Uber app developers or cab app developers that includes separate driver and passenger applications as well as an admin dashboard. 

Before you dive into this industry and begin creating your app, here is a list of features that must be included for your app to be profitable. 

Passenger App

Use our feature-rich passenger application to enable your riders to schedule a cab from anywhere and at any time. A passenger app is the most essential element of a taxi app since it allows users to schedule car trips.  

Only through the use of passenger apps are users able to allocate and control their rides. This app includes several intriguing features, such as easy onboarding, real-time tracking, scheduling trips, notice and notifications,  and so on, making the entire process simple for the user. 

Taxi app offers easy booking process.
Easy Booking Process

With a few easy steps, users can simply log in or register.

Uber like app offers real time tracking.
Real-Time Tracking

This function enables the customer to monitor the drivers' current position when they are en route.

Profile Section
Profile Section

The user can view and control their profile under the profile tab.

Cancelled Rides
Completed Rides/Cancelled Rides

This section allows the user to view all their completed rides & further history, such as pending rides or even canceled ones.

You can offer your customers real time tracking.

Driver App

A completely configurable application that enables your drivers to make a profit through different channels such as referrals, surge rates, hourly pay & so on. This app includes several functions such as route planners & dispatchers. It simplifies the lives of the customer and the drivers.  

A decent driver’s app is also one of the best ways to get a robust return on your investment. These applications are also necessary because they enhance security, agility, and decision-making. 

Taxi app development offers multiple advantages.
Simple login and registration process.
Driver Registration/Login

The simple registration/login process allows drivers to register or log on to the app.

Offline Status
Online/Offline Status

When necessary, drivers can display them as online or inactive.

Vehicle complete Information
Vehicle Information

Drivers can control their car details and upload proofs and other vehicle-related documentation.

Transaction History
Transaction History

Drivers can view all transaction history for their trips.

Admin / Dispatcher Panel

Manage your complete taxi dispatch system through our easy-to-access and comprehensive admin panel and perform informed choices. 

This feature lets the admin keep an eye on extensive information like the overall rides, payment methods, famous destinations & so on. This detailed analysis enables them to make the best future choices and identify ways to improve productivity and user experience. 

Secured Login
Secured Login

Our app allows admins to securely access the control panel from any web browser.

Trip Tracking
Trip Tracking

Admin can view all of the journeys of various cars on a real-time grid.

Promo code
Promo Codes/Coupons

Admin can create and distribute special codes, discounts, and vouchers for various trips at any moment.

Manage Drivers, Customers, And Vehicles
Manage Drivers, Customers, And Vehicles

Admin can add new drivers, remove drivers, update messages, activate/deactivate services & so on. Additionally, the admin has the power to add vehicle types and fleet details. Admin has access to enrolled clients' information & contact them.

The admin panel of ready-made clone script offers multiple features.
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Advanced Features

Connect, improve, and automate your fleet with our robust taxi app solution intended for all kinds and sizes of transportation companies. Whether you are a transnational startup, the owner of a small or big cab fleet, or a taxi broker seeking to shift taxi operations online! 

We have developed an assortment of sophisticated taxi booking app features for your uber like taxi app development innovations that will make your app stand out. 

Number Masking
Number Masking

The phone numbers of the customers will never be revealed to the drivers.

In-app Chat
In-app Chat

In the chat message, passengers and drivers can communicate.

Surge Pricing
Surge Pricing

You can increase rates during busy travel hours, poor weather, or special events such as a strike.

Web App
Web App

Customers can simply schedule trips using the web app without installing an app.

Ride Share
Ride Share

Customers can share a journey by splitting the cost with friends.

Call Bookings
Call Bookings

Calls from customers can be added to your reservations using the dispatch system.

Notifications Alert
Notifications Alert

Customers will receive alerts and SMS regarding their journey.

Easy Payment Options
Easy Payment Options

Passengers are offered multiple payment choices to improve their user experience.

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Leverage The Taxi Market With Uber Like App Development

Work with an experienced taxi app developer to create and develop your bespoke taxi app for an affordable fee. Users are more aware of the ease, security, and availability of taxi booking apps in the age of smartphones. They favor these apps for public transit. As a result, there is no question that Uber Like App Development is critical and beneficial for taxi company owners. 

Apporio customizes your Taxi Business by considering your business demands and creating a custom taxi scheduling app that is specially intended to suit your company operations and meet other functions and responsibilities.  

Our applications have a fluid UI/UX & robust back-end design that can support numerous processes at the same time. We also grasp two critical aspects of uber like taxi app development: best pricing and timely delivery, while keeping all types of constraints for various company sectors in mind and maintaining app quality. 

Unique Features Of Our Uber Like Taxi Booking App

We not only let you tailor your on-demand uber like app development solution with functionality and integrations, but we also let you pay for your taxi mobile app development project in any manner you desire. Our primary solution includes multiple features for clients, operators, admins & dispatchers with the option to add additional features, connections, and changes to suit specific company needs. 

Let us walk you through the features that make our uber like app development company different than others! 

Single-touch Operation
Single-touch Operation

Whether your clients need to book a cab or your driver needs to take an inbound journey request, everything happens with a single tap on the app.

White-label Taxi App Solution Provider
White-label Taxi App Solution Provider

We are a white-label uber like app development company that offers market-ready taxi app solutions that are developed and tailored to meet the requirements of your brand.

Secured Payments
Secured Payments

Take advantage of simplified payments, as our app combines multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Razorpay, and others for a secure and easy experience.

Quick Support
Quick Support

We will be there if your drivers have issues or your customer tool displays inaccurate information.

Integrated Analytics
Integrated Analytics

What looks to be a meaningless bit of information to you could be a goldmine! Our integrated analytics are used to organize this data.

App Store Optimized
App Store Optimized

We create, develop, and implement cab booking app solutions for Android and iOS platforms. i.e, tailored for app store and Play store.

Security & Privacy
Security & Privacy

We offer services that ensure the complete security of your initiatives. We ensure the safety of your data to remove the possibility of errors.

Uber like app offers 24*7 customer support.
24*7 Support

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. Our specialized taxi app developers work around the clock to provide you with the finest client support possible. We guarantee that exceptional service is provided while keeping the highest standards.

Uber Like Taxi App Development Process - Everything Under One Roof

To achieve the degree of perfection you desire, designing brilliant applications necessitates adhering to a rigorous procedure. Our development process is complete when we collaborate with your team to better grasp your company’s vision and purpose. 

Gathering Intel
Gathering Intel

We work closely with you to establish your goals and functional and technical needs. We collaborate with your team to fully understand your vision.


To develop the next-generation app for you, we conduct extensive analysis and study. Advanced reporting and analytics are integrated to obtain deeper insights, accelerate decision-making, and take action.

Design & Development
Design & Development

Our developers and designers put their best efforts into creating your app. We create UX/UI apps for easy and comfortable usage. We ensure the app appears efficient and works properly on any device.

Launch your app in no time
Test & Launch

We test your app before releasing it to ensure free of bugs and runs efficiently. We frequently watch and update the app to guarantee a better user experience, find and resolve any post-launch problems, and optimize user interaction and retention.

Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support

Throughout the uber like app development process, clients receive real-time support & guidance. Deployment and maintenance services are tailored to your production system & future help with any in-house migrations.

Payment Gateways We Use

To make payments safe and secure we integrate various payment gateways into your uber like app. Depending on the options available in your country we choose the safest and most secure payment gateway for you.

Apporio Infolabs
Transform your App Vision into Reality with Apporio

As the most trusted uber like taxi booking app development business, Apporio works hard to ensure that your app is not only feature-rich but also user-friendly. We offer ridesharing and taxi booking app options to companies, enterprises, government entities, and others.  

We value effort to keep the navigation simple enough that even a beginner can understand it. Nothing beats obtaining the best taxi booking services for providing a comfortable journey to your customers. Our ride sharing application developers have extensive expertise in developing iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile applications. 

Adaption Support
Expand The Global Base

Using our taxi booking application creators, you can simply deploy your shared ride application for overseas platforms.

Deliver Free Assist
Expand Your Clientele

Feature-oriented taxi registering app solutions and web interfaces help in attaining a large audience by providing better service to clients.

Adaption Support
Adaption Support

With customization assistance, you can tailor your solution package to your specific company needs.

Deliver Free Assist
Deliver Free Assist

Our uber like app development team will provide free support and modify the solution stack to suit your requirements.

Flow Chart of How Our Uber clone App Works
Taxi Booking App Development Company
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Create Your Own Taxi App Like Uber

Have a dream? Don’t have any idea what to start with? Feel free to contact us. Whether you need to create a project from start or redesign the existing one, we can help you anywhere in the project. We help you with brainstorming, designing, and building a prototype to take your project from idea to reality & we support you in creating an entirely new team. Email us to make things easier for you. 

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How can I develop a uber Taxi app?

At Apporio, we are a one-stop shop for all your uber like app development needs, supporting you in curating applications that are as proficient and effective as Uber and Ola.  

Our apps combine several factors, such as GPS monitoring and navigation, complete access to source code, website booking & dispatcher panel allowing us to build ideal apps like Uber. 

Will I own the rights to the taxi app?

The copyright and proprietorship of the code for your taxi-hailing app will be exclusively yours, and Apporio will have no involvement. 

Will my taxi app have multi-lingual support and be secure?

Your taxi software will be secure and reliable. We know how to give you the app in multiple languages because we have developed several taxi apps for our customers. Our taxi app developers will work with you to create an app that will assist users in their native tongue. 

Can I integrate multiple payment options in my taxi app?

Yes, our taxi application creators know to incorporate various payment gateways into applications such as internet banking, debit/credit cards, e-wallets & others. Let us know which ones you want in your app, and we'll include them.

Will I get after-deployment support for my taxi app?

We are here to provide you with a wide range of services connected to ongoing assistance and upkeep, performance, and qualitative analysis. If you create a Taxi Booking app with us, we will provide you with free maintenance support for the some time stated in the contract agreed upon before starting the work. 

How much will it cost to build my taxi booking app?

This question has no definitive answer. The overall expense of developing an app is influenced by various factors. These parameters include the features incorporated, the duration of development, API integration, and so on. Apps for Android and iOS devices may also have different rates. Contact Apporio today & grab an estimate on the cost of developing your taxi app. 

Which is the best company for uber like taxi booking app development?

It can be challenging to find and hire the best taxi booking app development company because many claim to provide the best services. However, the best app development firm for your business is one that knows your goal, has extensive expertise in the industry, and has a high customer retention rate. And Apporio does it all! 

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