Mobile app revolution: Is it dead or just begun?

The age of smartphone has made life a lot more easier as compared to earlier days. They allow us to function different things as same time with just one click. It can perform endless actions like doing shopping from our favorite merchandise, ordering food from your favorite restaurant or find a doctor simultaneously. With arrival of OS like Android and IOS, mobile apps became highly featured and more useful with capability of Handling multiple task.

But what actually lead to mobile app revolution?

The reason behind mobile app revolution depends on various factors like better mobiles phones, better technology, latest updates, advance app development platforms etc. Using these there have been an introduction to some very useful and revolutionary apps.

Why mobile apps are so popular?

  1. They tend to solve our small as well as big problems that occur in our daily routine. We can take example of taxi. Before for getting a taxi booked, we need to have consulted our relatives for providing any known and responsible driver or we would go on road to search for taxi booth. But now booking a taxi is just a click away with invention of Uber.
  1. Also with time companies have worked on the security of the apps so as add some new features in the app making user experience flawless.
  1. Some Apps work as Wallets making easy for users to shop and make payment.
  1. Most of the apps are free of cost thus making it popular among people. At least people don't have to think twice before downloading the app and trying it for once.
  2. Compatibility with different OS like Android and IOS.

The mobile apps have no doubt rules today's most smartphones. Also maximum users depend on these apps to execute there most of the tasks like shopping, banking etc. In fact, according to survey 87% of the users are spending their time on mobiles and rest 13% are just surfing on net. Also apps have in-app purchases making it beneficial for users to earn while using the app which is zero in cost to them.

Is mobile app revolution dead?

With time app revolution has become an old thing. Lately we have seen a shift in the usability of mobile apps. People see them beyond entertainment. Now the new thing in the market is user experience. Getting an on demand app developed for your business is still very important but its not only criteria. Your app should efficient enough to stand out in the market. This can be achieved by giving your customers an unforgettable experience. If your app fails provide user a great experience than it will doom your app to the digital wasteland.Consider the “invention of location-based apps”. It has shaped our lives completely. Remember days when we need to get directions written or printed on a paper. But now we don't have to that. We safely reach out to any location without even thinking once for direction.Also nowadays wearable technology has marked another achievement. The opportunities for wearable technology is endless. Medical students don't have depend on surgeons for learning or craving out their skills. They can learn better from various easily accessible materials which will give them a life changing experience.


Its quite clear that the mobile apps have created a revolution in the market. With invent of new technology, there will always be a scope of improvement in them. The app revolution has just begun and will continue to evolve with time.Apporio infolabs is a well known company in the Mobile app development industry. It has developed various Android apps and IOS apps for its clients. One of popular on demand mobile app of Apporio is Uber clone app.