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Benefits Of Launching Your Online Taxi Business With Bolt Clone

Ready-Made Solution

Our Blot clone app is a ready-made solution with all the development already taken care of. All that is left is to customize the solution with your brand name and logo.

Save Time & Money

Where building an app from scratch requires a lot of time and money, Apporio’s Bolt clone makes the process simple so you can build and launch your app in less than 7 days.

More Opportunities

Launch your online Bolt like taxi booking app in any part of the world. Advanced features of our app will help you reach more customers by delivering easy solutions to their taxi needs.

100% Customizable

Although, our solution is ready-made, but it offers 100% customization so that you can get a taxi app with the features you like to offer to your customers.

Better Customer Experience

By offering instant access to a taxi, you can provide a better ride-hailing experience to your customers. Combined with the doorstep pick/drop features you can be their favorite taxi app.

Automate Taxi Operations

Our Bolt clone app provides you with the best ecosystem consisting of separate user/driver apps and an admin panel. So you can automate your taxi business for better efficiency.

What Is A Bolt Clone App?

Bolt clone app is a ready-made taxi app solution built by Apporio Infolabs. The purpose of this ready-made app is to help young entrepreneurs and small businesses to get started with their online ride-hailing business without any hassle. 


Bolt clone app is pre-packed with all the advanced features that are tested in the industry by online taxi startups. When using a ready-made Bolt clone app you don’t have to start your app development from scratch. Using a ready-made Bolt clone will help you get the edge over the market that too without investing a lot of money. 

User App Features

Live Tracking

Advanced Google maps API makes it easy for your users to track the live location of their ride.

Easy Login

Users can use their phone number (or existing social media account) for one-click access.

Vehicle Category

Depending on how many people are traveling riders can select the type of vehicle they want to book.

Schedule Ride

Book now or schedule for later, with this feature users, can plan ahead for their ride.

inDriver Clone App
inDriver Clone App Development

Driver App Feature

Easy Registration

New drivers who want to work with your business can use the driver app to register themselves. They can also use the app to submit their documents for verify.

Flexible Working

Using the availability toggle drivers can work according to their time preference. They will start getting ride requests if their availability toggle is on.

Check Earning

Drivers can check how much they have made for the day, directly from the driver app. Making it easy for them to plan ahead.

Direct Pay Out

At the end of the week (or as your business offers) drivers can raise their paychecks directly from the app and the amount will be transferred after the admin approval.

Admin Panel

Set Surge Pricing

Set different pricing for the peak hours when the traffic is at its peak or when external factors (like rain) can affect the ride timings.

Fleet Management

Use the admin panel to manage the number of drivers, vehicles, ride requests, payments made, and much more remotely.

Heat Map

Find out in which area of your cities your taxi service is getting more requests, and divert the drivers there to offer quick service to the users.

Advanced Analytics

Check how your business is doing, get a better view of your business data and use it to make changes or to improve your business operations.

inDriver Clone Admin Panel
inDriver Clone App

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Why You Should Use Apporio’s Bolt Clone App To Start Your Taxi Business?

Here at Apporio Infolabs, we are building ready-made taxi app solutions for more than 7 years. We have helped startups reach their success in less time with our Bolt clone or Uber clone like taxi app solution. If you are wondering, here is why you should use our taxi app solution to launch your Bolt like app:

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Free White Labeling
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Free Technical Support
inDriver Clone App

Numbers That Reveals Success Of Our Bolt Clone App

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Key Features Of Our Bolt Clone App

Geo Fencing

The geo-fencing feature on Bolt clone helps you avoid trips from specific locations. You can set a designated area on the map that will allow you to notify or disable listings near that geolocation.

In App Chat

An in-app chat option means that the user can chat with the driver at any time and from any location, even if they're unable to call. Not just the driver, users can use this option to have a chat with the admin in case of any dispute

Referrals And Its Management

For both The User and The Driver to refer a friend, they will both earn rewards. This can help admins draw in new customers and reward the ones that are already engaged with the app. Rewards can be discounted rides or direct money.

Multiple Currency Support

Depending on which part of the world you have decided to launch your Bolt like app, you can use the currency that is locally supported in that area. This feature helps in the easy localization of your service.


The SOS feature is a fantastic way for you to build trust and offer safety to your customers. Using the SOS features users to share their live location and reach emergency contacts at moment, with just one click.

Toll Calculation

The feature can help drivers avoid any unforeseen situations, like a toll or a parking fee. The charges for these situations can be easily added to the invoice by the driver and keep them transparent.

inDriver Clone App

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Add-On Features

Child Seat Accessibility

To make more people use your app, riders can choose a taxi with a child seat for the safety of their children during the ride.

Call Masking

Chat with the Driver and Rider easily without sharing personal details and make the ride more secure and comfortable.

Car Rental

If you want to scale your business by offering more than just a taxi service, add the car rental and offer the service using the same app.

Handicap Seat Accessibility

For the ease of elderly and physically challenged people, riders can filter the ride with handicapped seat accessibility.

OTP Verification

The driver can not start the ride without the OTP that is displayed on the user app. This helps to offer a transparent service.

Tips To Driver

If the driver has been friendly and helpful, our readers may wish to tip them after their ride. This incentivizes drivers to do better.

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Payment Gateways We Use

To make payments safe and secure we integrate various payment gateways into your Bolt Clone app. Depending on the options available in your country we choose the safest and most secure payment gateway for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bolt Clone App?

Bolt clone app is a ready-made taxi app solution built to help save time and money for those who want to start their own Bolt-like ride-hailing app. This ready-made solution comes packed with all the features one needs at a relatively less cost.

How Bolt Clone Is Beneficial For Entrepreneurs?

Traditionally app development is a time and money-consuming process. It requires a lot of research and money to back that research. However, with the help of a Bolt clone one can launch their online taxi app in less than 7 days, that too for the fraction of what it cost to build an app from scratch. This is why Bolt clone app becomes beneficial for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What Will I Get With Your Bolt Clone

Bolt clone app is an advanced solution that offers you to create a more efficient work environment. It comes with a separate user app, a driver app, and an admin panel.

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