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All-in-one solution for everything from food delivery and courier deliveries to car ride hailing.

Benefits Of Owning Our Careem Clone App

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One-Time Development Free

With one-time affordable pricing, you are set with this service. The cost of creating the app is calculated in accordance with your needs and is accessible with a one-time payment.

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Free Live Demo

You can visit our website and schedule a free live demo of our Careem clone app in order to see how it works. In addition, we have many features and functions that you can see by using the app.

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100% Customizable Source Code

The market is evolving rapidly and adapting to these changes is essential if you want to survive in it. Our Careem clone script has a 100% customizable UI, which makes it scalable and powerful.

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24/7 Support

We have a dedicated team of developers working alongside senior project managers to help you develop your own high quality Careem clone app. It doesn't matter how much time or money you put into the project, we'll always be there to figure out any problems together.

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Market Leading Experience

We have been working in the app development industry for over 7 years and helped more than 1000 entrepreneurs launch their successful on-demand businesses. With this experience, we understand the market and our customer's needs better than anyone else.

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On-Time Delivery

Our team will work with you to discuss your ideas and provide an accurate estimation of how long it will take to deliver your app. This is important as time is a crucial component in running a successful business. That's why we try to deliver apps before the deadline.

How To Get Started Careem Clone App Development With Apporio?

When you buy the app from us, you get lifetime access. We’re constantly working to up its quality and ensure it’s at the forefront of writing technology worldwide. We take care of the app development, updates and upgrades so you can focus managing your marketing department. You don’t want to bother with app development at this stage; rely on us and you won’t regret it!

User App

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Quick Login

Engage your users right away with social login. They will be able to log in using their existing google or Facebook IDs and feel more connected to your service.

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Your customers can rate and review the rides and services they use on your app with a simple tap. This is a great way to get feedback, which will help you improve your service even more.

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Booking/Order History

Customers don't have to worry about details on past orders. Make shopping easier with our Careem clone app, which stores order details for customers so they can re-order it anytime.

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SOS Button

This extra safety feature can be used by customers in case of a mishap and will give your users the opportunity to directly contact the admin for some assistance.

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inDriver Clone App Development

Driver App Features

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Manage Profile

Driver/service providers can update their profile at any time. This means they will have up-to-date contact information and the area of expertise they provide in their profile, which will allow customers to clearly see who is coming to their home or office.

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Link Bank Accounts

Getting paid with our app is different to what you may be used to on rival platforms. Your drivers/services can link their bank account to the app in order for it to automatically release their payments from the admin.

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Upload Documents

If someone interested in working with your brand as a driver or service provider, they can submit your documents online directly from the service provider app.

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Earning Details

One of the main things that our Careem app clone provides is a feature that lets drivers and service providers to keep track of how much money they've earned.

Admin Panel Features

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Manage Users

Admins can access and manage that user's account directly from the admin dashboard. It can also be used to send special discounts.

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Advanced Analytics

Get insights about your business trajectory with just a quick look at the screen and make adaptive plans that help you grow.

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Manage Service Provider/Driver

Check the new driver for any violations and to see if they are insured. You can do this all straight from within your admin panel.

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Intuitive Dashboard

Running your business with Careem clone app is very simple, thanks to the intuitive dashboard of the admin panel which makes it easy to understand how everything works.

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inDriver Clone App

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Why Choose Our Careem Clone App?

It’s now easier to start your own Careem-like startup. Get a 100% white-label Careem clone app today. The All-In-One system is available for both app service providers and service users (your prospect customers)- which means you can act on requests coming in, or create them from your phone. It also has an admin dashboard for managing the overall system. 

Our solution follows the modern design aspects and we adhere in our on-time app development.

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Numbers That Reveals Success Of Our Careem Clone App

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Key Features Of Our Ready-Made Careem Clone Script

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1 App Multiple Service

Apporio's Careem clone app is a powerful solution to help you manage your various on-demand business projects and scale your client base simultaneously. It works together with over 76 businesses - in addition to Apporio!

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Native Apps

We offer Careem apps for both Android & iOS users, so you can always get the most out of your app. This means no matter what their phone type, your customers are engaging use your services anytime with any smartphone.

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Availability Toggle

To help you plan ahead, drivers/service providers can toggle between offline and online. If they're available for work, their availability will show as such when they go offline.

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Multiple Payment Options

The digital age has led to many people getting rid of their wallets which was the best way of paying for services not too long ago. Nowadays, people fret about carrying around cash. That’s why our Careem clone app allows them to make payments using debit/credit cards or online wallets like PayPal.

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Customizable Code

With the Careem clone app from Apporio, you can customize any and all features. Each one of them can be upgraded and even if you decide to add new ones later on, it is a quick process. Now your business always has access to cutting-edge technology that meets your needs.

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Accept Multiple Request

If a service provider is based in the same area and has time, they can take on more than just one service request from you. This will help them earn more money.

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Some More Features Of Our Careem Clone App

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Secure Payment Gateway

The Apporio Careem clone app integrates with various payment gateways to make managing transactions easier. This is an excellent feature that can help relieve any hassle your new enterprise might encounter.
More Payment Gateways

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Integrated Map

We are dedicated to connecting your users with the best service providers. The app is designed to be easy to use, both for you and your customers. Users can find a driver or service provider near you in seconds, without wasting time on the phone and without getting lost in a map.

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Live Status Tracking

Customers can easily track the status of their order or service with various features integrated into our app. They are also notified of what to expect as the parcel moves along its delivery journey.

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Easy Login

For instant activation and easy login, users can sign up with their pre-existing social media accounts. Or they can use their mobile number to register with your app and start using your services

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Real-Time Tracking

Placing an order should be pretty simple because customers can see the status of their order, as well as when a delivery partner is coming. This saves time and increases credibility of your Careem like app.

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Schedule Service

Customers can schedule their appointments absences according to the time that suits them. They'll receive a notification before the arrival of their service. Making the process of ordering groceries or making hotel reservations easy for the user.

Payment Gateways We Use

To make payments safe and secure we integrate various payment gateways into your Careem Clone app. Depending on the options available in your country we choose the safest and most secure payment gateway for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Careem Clone?

Careem clone app is a ready-made solution that can be used to run a taxi business, food delivery business, or grocery business alike, either individually or together with a single app. So, you can say, it is a ready-made solution for on-demand multi-service business.

Careem Clone App Is A Ready-Made Solution

Yes, it is a ready-made solution. With our ready-made Careem clone app, you can start your own on-demand multi-service business in less than a week. This solution includes all of the features that you need in order to operate a successful business. You will also be provided with an admin panel and dashboard that will help you manage your fleet of drivers.

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