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Need For Handyman App Development

Finding an electrician, a locksmith, a plumber or any other handyman service provider is a tiring task. And finding someone who is good at his job is even harder. However, if you are a skilled expert, you can help those in need with your own handyman app like Uber. Here at Apporio Infolabs, we provide ready-made solutions for your Home service app development.

Packed with all the advanced features, we help you build your own Uber for Handyman app in less time and with less money. So, what are you waiting for, start your online business journey today!

Reasons for building handyman app like uber.

Why You Should Consider Launching Your Own Uber For Handyman app?

Launching your own Uber for Handyman app can be a lucrative business opportunity for several reasons:

  • The demand for convenient and efficient handyman services is high.
  • Handyman app development is easy and cost-effective compared to other businesses.
  • The app provides flexibility and convenience for both customers and handymen.
  • You can earn a steady income by taking a commission from each job.



Apporio Infolabs is a leading mobile app development company that helps entrepreneurs to start their online on-demand businesses. We provide them with ready-made on-demand services apps. Our Handyman app like Uber is a globally trusted solution. It has helped more than 700 on-demand service startups worldwide.

With our ready-made Uber for handyman, you can reach all your customers more efficiently. Not just this, our app allows you to offer more than just one handyman service using a single app. This helps customers to get everything they want in one place and helps you to generate more revenue.

What Do Wo Offer ?

User app of Handyman app like Uber
User App:

An app that lets your customers book on-demand services.

Service provider app
Service Provider App

An app that lets your partners accept & provide services.

Admin panel
Admin Panel:

An app that allows you to manage your on-demand service business.

Get Free Live Demo Of Our App

Check out how the applications, dashboards and features will work in the real world. Here are the Android, iOS and Web Versions of our Handyman app like Uber app.

Android App


iOS App


Admin Panel

Username:[email protected]
Password: 12345678

User App Features

As an  app development company, we understand the importance of creating a user-friendly app that provides a seamless experience for customers. Here are some essential features for a user app of a handyman app like Uber:

User Registration
User Registration

Allow users to create an account by providing basic information such as name, email address, and phone number.

Service Selection
Service Selection

Provide a range of services that users can choose from, such as plumbing, electrical, or carpentry.

Service Booking
Service Booking:

Allow users to book a service by specifying the date, time, and location.

Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway

Enable users to pay for the service securely through the app using a payment gateway.

Service Tracking
Service Tracking

Allow users to track the status of their service request and receive notifications when the service provider is on their way.

Service Rating and Feedback
Service Rating and Feedback

Enable users to rate and provide feedback on the service they received.

User app features of handyman app like Uber.

Service Provider App

As an app development firm, we understand the importance of creating a service provider app that allows for efficient and reliable management of handyman services. Here are some essential features for a service provider app of a handyman app like Uber:

Service provider app
Service Provider Registration
Service Provider Registration:

Allow service providers to create an account by providing basic information such as name, email address, and phone number.

Service Scheduling
Service Scheduling

Allow service providers to schedule their work hours and availability for accepting service requests.

Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway

Allow service providers to receive payment for their services through the app.

Service Acceptance:

Provide service providers with the ability to accept or reject service requests based on their availability and expertise.


Enable service providers to use GPS navigation to reach the customer's location.

Service Rating and Feedback
Service Rating and Feedback

Enable service providers to view their ratings and feedback provided by customers and use this information to improve their services.

Additional Features

Boost the performance of your app, by adding any number of features in our 100% whitelabel Handyman app like Uber.

Real-time Availability
Real-time Availability

Enable users to view the real-time availability of service providers in their area, making it easier to book a service at a time that suits them.

Estimated Time of Arrival
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Provide users with an estimated time of arrival for the service provider, allowing them to plan their time more effectively.

In-app Chat
In-app Chat

Enable users and service providers to communicate through an in-app chat feature, making it easier to clarify service details and discuss any issues.

In-app Wallet
In-app Wallet

Offer users an in-app wallet feature, allowing them to store funds securely and pay for services instantly without having to re-enter payment details.

Multi-language Support of Handyman app.
Multi-language Support

Provide users and service providers with multi-language support to make the app accessible to a wider range of people.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Allow users and service providers to receive push notifications, keeping them up-to-date with the progress of service requests and payment details.

Get A Free Trial Of Our Ready-Made Handyman App Like Uber.

Free trial of Handyman app like Uber.

Why Choose Apporio Infolabs For Handyman App Development?

Handyman app development- Apporio
100% Whitelabel Code
100% Whitelabel Code

Our ready-made Handyman app like Uber features 100% customizable source code, making it easy for you to change the design of the app.

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

We are in the market, offering our on-demand app development service for 9+ years and we always deliver on time.

Scalable Solution
Scalable Solution

Not just the design but the features of our ready-made Uber for Handyman app are 100% customizable.

Native App For iOS and Android
Native App For iOS and Android

We provide handyman apps like Uber for both Android and iOS. So, you can reach all your customers easily.

Launch Your Home Service Business Online With Our Handyman App Like Uber.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Handyman App Like Uber?

If you’re considering creating your own Handyman app like Uber, one of the first things you’re probably wondering is how much it will cost. The truth is, the cost of creating a Handyman app can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the app, the features and functionality you want to include, and the technology stack you choose.

So come, and discuss your needs with us. We will give you a free quotation. 

Cost of Handyman app like Uber

Streamline Your Handyman Business with Our Ready-Made App Clone

If you’re in the handyman business and looking for a quick and effective way to streamline your operations, a ready-made handyman app clone may be just what you need. At Apporio Infolabs, we offer a range of ready-made app clones designed specifically for the handyman industry.

Our app clones are built on a robust technology stack and offer all the features and functionality you need to run your handyman business efficiently. Whether you’re a small, independent handyman service or a larger enterprise with multiple teams and locations, our app clones can help you optimize your operations and provide a better experience for your customers.

Numbers That Reveal Success Of Our Uber For Handyman App

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Free demo of Handyman app like Uber.

Free Demo so you can try the app before making your final decision

We offer a free live demo of our Handyman app like Uber and all the other ready-made solutions that we have.

Frequently Asked Question
How does a handyman app like Uber work?

A handyman app like Uber works by allowing users to browse services, select a provider, and book an appointment. Users can track the provider's arrival time and pay for the services through the app.

What are the key features of a handyman app like Uber?

Some of the key features may include a user-friendly interface that allows users to browse through available services and choose the one that best fits their needs. The app also provides real-time tracking of the handyman's location and the estimated time of arrival, as well as a rating and feedback system that allows users to share their experiences with others. Other features may include a transparent payment system with clear pricing and no hidden fees, as well as a reliable customer support system to address any issues or concerns that may arise.

Which platform is better for a handyman app development, iOS or Android?

Both iOS and Android platforms are suitable for developing a handyman app like Uber. However, it is recommended to develop for both platforms to reach a wider audience.

What are the common challenges in building Uber for Handyman app?

Some common challenges in handyman app development include managing a large number of service providers, ensuring the quality of services provided, and providing a user-friendly interface.

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