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Start your grocery delivery business with the right solution. Try our on-demand grocery delivery app. 


The on-demand grocery delivery app is one of the most popular on-demand app services. It allows people to order fresh vegetables without leaving the comfort of their homes. Plus it makes it super simple for entrepreneurs and small grocery business owners to start or expand their business easily. Here at Apporio Infolabs we have created a ready-made solution for people who are looking for a grocery app development service. Our ready-made on-demand app solution offers creative UI and advanced functions to improve the user experience. Our grocery delivery package includes an advanced user app, delivery person app, admin panel, and grocery store panel.


Grocery Delivery App

We have created a separate panel for the drivers who are delivering the orders. They can directly get the order details, track their earnings and set their availability all through the app.

Admin Panel

With Admin web panels can be used to manage the grocery delivery business. Admin can keep track of the order history, can check the user, driver and store profile, behavior and much more.

Track Earning

Available in the grocery delivery app, this feature can be used by the drivers to track the order deliveries they have completed and the amount they have earned by competing order deliveries.

Advance Reports

Admin can find all the important information required to innovate their business. From user behavior to heat map view, tracking profit to tracking orders completed, our panel generates easy to understand reports.

Grocery Store Panel

A separate panel for your partnered grocery store. They can accept and process all the orders through this panel.

Advance Map

To help the delivery person reach the user location for the delivery, we have included an advanced map module into our app. This will also help with accurate and fast deliveries.

Strat your grocery delivery business, with the best on-demand app solution in the market.

Grocery App Development

User App Features

Manage Your Business With The Benefits Of Technology
Easy invoice generation, manage users, track laundry pick-up boys and much more. We have built a perfect platform for you to run and operate your laundry business.
Smart Suggestion
Showcase the frequently purchased products on the top to help users order them instantly.
Add To Cart
A quick and simple way for users to place orders. Simply add items in the cart and make the payment to place the order.
Order Tracking
User can track their order item any-time through the in-app map. This will help them check the status of their order.
Schedule Order
Customers can order house supplies in advance by using the schedule order button.
Just like ordering groceries, paying for it also easy our grocery delivery app supports multi-payment options.
Creative UI
To make all the functions easy to reach, we have paid special attention to the UI and come-up with a solution that your users will love to use.

Our Different Grocery App Development Service

In order to help both small businesses and online startups to start their best suited grocery delivery business we have created 2 different solutions. Depending on what you need, you can make your choice.

Ecommerce App For Grocery Shopping

With our ready-made grocery app script, you can build your on-demand grocery app like Groffers, or Bigbasket. Our ready-made solution is pre-fitted with the advanced features and intuitive design UI that help you achieve your goal to launch an app like Groffers.

Individual Grocery Shopping App

To help you provide a more enhanced user experience, we also build personalized app for your individual store. Our solution is 100% customizable. You can reach more customers and build your brand in less time and with less money with our ready-made grocery app script.

Deliver Clean, Fresh And Germs Free Grocery To Your Customers Door-Step

Amidst the pandemic, people are looking for grocery delivery businesses that not just offer door-step delivery. But also commits to deliver clean and fresh groceries. With our ready-made grocery delivery script you can save your time and money. We have already helped 300+ startups with our grocery app development. Our solution is globally trusted and offers the best solution to young entrepreneurs and helps them start their online grocery delivery business. 

We are the grocery delivery app development company you are looking for everywhere.

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Responsive web panels
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App Installation & Approval
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Payment gateway Integration
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Secure & Licensed source code
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White Labeling
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Lifetime License

Why Grocery Delivery App Development ?

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Additional Features

More Features Will Help You to Experience More
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Login/Register/Social Login(Facebook)
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Pickup & Destination By Type/Map
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Categories & Sub Categories
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Product Detail & Description
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Products & Delivery Confirmation
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Custom Product (Like Subway)
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Add to Cart
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On Demand Uber X-Products
Now & Later
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Track Your Order
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Pay With Card/Cash
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Multiple Orders
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Track Your Order
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Call Delivery Man
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Delivery Information
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Status Updates
Grocery Delivery App Development

Build To Suit Your Needs

Grocery Delivery App Development

Single Store App

To help traditional grocery stores innovate their business with technology. Our grocery app development helps them take their retail business online to generate more revenue by reaching more customers.

Grocery Delivery App Development

Multi Vendor App

Start a marketplace like app for grocery business. Partner with the different grocery stores and let customers order their necessities from their favorite store. All the different store options will be made available based on the location.

Ready Made Grocery App

Grocery Store Chain App

For medium to large grocery stores, our ready made solution enables them with the simple solution to run their business. Manage multiple stores, located under the same name and build a user friendly brand.

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